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Customer Service at Mission

At Mission, customer service is part of our overall business strategy.

We believe that excellent customer service is service that is responsive to our clients’ needs. Mission is committed to giving our clients better customer service than the next guy. We don’t just tell our clients that we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make them successful on AWS, we show them. At Mission, customer service is part of our overall business strategy.

Our mission is to help businesses of all sizes utilize AWS by providing the highest level of service and best of breed technologies. When working with Mission, you will receive maintained communication whether it’s through weekly meetings, phone calls, emails, or on-site visits. We strive to exceed client expectations. We are constantly listening to feedback from our clients to ensure that our services continue to improve.

As a smaller company, we are able to provide our clients with advantages like quick response times, direct access to our team, unparalleled attention, and much more. Our team is fast, knowledgeable, and available when you need them. Our project managers work closely with your team to create an agile plan for deployment and release.

Mission manages AWS environments so our clients can focus their time and efforts on growing their business instead of managing their infrastructure. We utilize multiple monitoring systems, such as New Relic and ELK Stack, to ensure maximum performance of your website and systems. Our AWS Managed Services plans include 24/7 monitoring to ensure high availability for anything hosted in the cloud. If there are any issues with your AWS environment, we are alerted immediately and work through resolution with our NOC and Client Services department.

Mission is a born in the cloud company and leader in building and managing AWS cloud solutions for customers of all sizes. As an AWS Advanced Consulting partner and audited Managed Services Partner, we help companies of all industries build cloud ready solutions using best of breed technologies. Our singular focus on cloud technologies enables our clients to focus on what’s really important, their business. To learn more about our services and how Mission can help you succeed in the cloud click the button below.

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