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Reliam, Stratalux and G2 Tech Group Have Combined Forces

As you may be aware, Reliam, Stratalux, and G2 Tech Group have recently combined forces to form a single entity. Our united front really gives us – and our customers – a uniquely comprehensive breadth and depth of AWS technical and strategic proficiencies. Combining forces also now offers our customers a coast-to-coast physical presence, with our established offices in Los Angeles and Boston.

As the CEO of the three brands moving forward, I want to first offer reassurances to all of our customers that the services you receive will only be enhanced by these mergers. Secondly, I want to share my tremendous excitement for our collective future. The combination of Reliam, Stratalux, and G2 Tech Group is the result of a deliberate and strategic choice by the leaders at each business to build a cloud managed services provider and consultancy that’s truly able to deliver more to our customers than the sum of our parts. Nate, Jeremy, and Glenn – the founders of Reliam, Stratalux, and G2, respectively – remain very much involved and enthusiastic in leading our shared enterprise as we combine resources and strengthen the services we offer. As three Advanced AWS Consulting Partners with similarly-aligned cultures and the same viewpoint on how AWS can empower businesses, the process of combining our all-star teams and talents is already proving to be an enjoyable one.

To our customers during this process, please be assured that you will continue to receive the same great service and support you always have (if not better, as the broader AWS-certified team at our disposal yield new opportunities and improvements). At the same time, you will also now be able to leverage the expertise and domain specialties offered by each of the combined organizations. As a direct benefit of the merger, all three brands now provide 24/7/365 service and support. We now have 80 AWS certifications, have added new AWS Competencies, and employ many more AWS specialists ready to lend their rich knowledge and experience to supporting and ensuring your public cloud initiatives are fully optimized and cost-efficient.

Our three brands will continue to operate under their current names for the time being. The familiar day-to-day relationship that customers have with our team will proceed unchanged. Moving into the future, we are currently in the process of integrating the three businesses into one, and we will be introducing a new unified brand identity in the second half of this year.

In the meantime, I offer a heartfelt thank you to our valued customers, and we look forward to introducing valuable enhancements to our offerings as we continue to support and optimize your business’ cloud environment.

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Simon Anderson

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