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Using Monitoring Services to Keep Your Cloud Environment Performing Optimally 24/7/365

It doesn’t really matter what industry you’re in: If you’re running a modern company, having a reliable IT infrastructure is just as important as having the assets that support your primary business model. Because in the 21st century, availability matters. Every second that your customers cannot make purchases or that your people cannot use applications, you lose profit.

The best way to ensure you can rely on your infrastructure is to engage in monitoring services for optimal cloud performance. Monitoring services can ensure your platform runs at peak performance by reviewing, managing, and overseeing all the workflows and processes involved with your cloud applications or infrastructure. Allowing an expert AWS managed services and consulting partner to spearhead your cloud monitoring frees your company to focus on what it does best: Successfully achieve your primary business objectives and delight customers.

After all, you’re going to need available, high-performing applications and infrastructure every day for the foreseeable future. So why not let an expert provide them for you?

Insight from Monitoring Services for Optimal Cloud Performance

There are many ways of applying insights to monitoring services for optimal cloud performance, and many areas and functions that can be monitored. Monitoring services can help your business optimize the performance of your cloud environment by improving security, resource allocation, computing cost, and scalability.

Effective cloud monitoring is best implemented by an AWS expert that can leverage automated monitoring software. This creates a point for central access and control over the cloud infrastructure. The AWS expert can keep an eye on the operational status and health of your cloud-based assets with real-time monitoring. This not only enables the detection of any problems but also produces data that can be used to improve your resource budget and lower the total cost of ownership.

Monitoring services for optimal cloud performance yield insights that lead to more benefits. High-quality monitoring services provide stronger application and network security. They unlock your infrastructure’s ability to reach and maintain peak application performance. Rapid issue-reporting means your AWS expert can resolve problems faster, which leads to increased service availability. It also makes risk mitigation easier by offering an easier way to implement business continuity plans.

Cloud monitoring can be used to improve security. It can help you tightly control access to your cloud environments and identify access attempts from outside of expected operational areas. It can prevent data extrusion while it monitors unexplained cases of data leaving the cloud system. Robust cloud monitoring keeps an eye out for suspicious network connections, unsecured storage containers or tokens being replaced by possible Man-in-the-Cloud attackers. And this is just one example of what cloud monitoring can do for your firm, as it has the potential to enable many use cases of your choice.

Mission Has Provided Optimal Cloud Performance for a Variety of Businesses

Mission has helped many companies achieve their most ambitious goals using the transformative power of the cloud. Those companies include Metal Tronics and Autumn Games.

Metal Tronics

Metal Tronics is a Massachusetts-based full-service sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining company. They offer customers precision fabrication, outsourcing to Asia, and design, engineering, prototype, and development services. This fast-paced manufacturing company needed IT systems that were reliable, highly-available, and always there to help support operations.

Mission provided the reliable cloud infrastructure Metal Tronics needed. First, Mission analyzed the previous AWS environment to learn why it was not performing well. Then we made a project plan and recommended many improvements. Based on Mission’s plan, Metal Tronics migrated its MIE Trak to AWS. Mission set up secure access to the AWS cloud for end users using a virtual private network (VPN). This not only improved the MIE Trak application’s performance but also tightened security.

Mission now provides on-going system monitoring and management, and the results are game-changing. Metal Tronics enjoys consistent application performance, has the ability to automatically scale resources up and down as usage fluctuates, can run legacy production software on the modern OS and on the Cloud, and is free to focus on sheet metal fabrication with no IT distractions.

Autumn Games

Autumn Games is a global video game publisher that has published a number of popular cross-platform games, including Def Jam Rapstar and Skullgirls. The publisher needed a partner to help them properly support operations and leverage Docker on AWS. They needed guidance on how to better support their pipeline and add efficient scalability to their production environments. They also needed better support for their infrastructure automation and change management, and guidance on AWS best practices.

To address these problems, Mission conducted an AWS Well-Architected Review of Autumn Games’ existing infrastructure. We migrated their infrastructure to a managed services environment and made improvements to their cloud environment. Our team streamlined Autumn Games’ cloud processes by leveraging infrastructure-as-code tooling. We developed a multi-account infrastructure orchestration process using Jenkins as the orchestrator and Terraform as the template tool. Our team also re-architected Autumn Games’ environment to include a custom DNS failover for the MongoDB stack using AWS Lambda and Amazon Route 53. This gave the publisher the operational support and the professional services needed to implement CI/CD pipelines for infrastructure and applications.

Autumn Games couldn’t be happier with the results. Mission continues to implement operational improvements to Autumn Games’ AWS deployment, and the company now enjoys remediations across all pillars of AWS’ Well-Architected Framework. Autumn Games’ root MFA, log centralization, instance rightsizing, operational runbooks, environment documentation, full-scale monitoring, and password policies are all better-architected and based on the latest best practices. Now, Autumn Games has the experienced partner it needs to enhance existing infrastructure and introduce capabilities to support potential new modes for future games. Mission greatly enhanced cloud performance for Metal Tronics and Autumn Games, and we can do the same for your firm.

Getting Started

The partner you choose to manage your AWS services plays a big part in determining how well your environment will perform. If you’re having problems with performance, or are experiencing unreliable software or network availability, it may be time to engage a genuine AWS expert.

You can’t find a finer AWS managed services and consulting partner than Mission. Our cloud engineers have AWS training and certifications, and a track record of success in helping clients and demonstrating true cloud expertise. Our engineers are personable and want to collaborate to help your business overcome its own pain points. They will listen carefully to understand your unique challenges and goals and will fully explain the solutions they recommend in relatable business terms. Because your objectives are our objectives. When you succeed, we succeed.

So how could you benefit from monitoring services? Consult with Mission to learn about the specific benefits monitoring services can offer you.

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