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[Video] Mission Launches Cloud Foundation

We are excited to launch Cloud Foundation, our newest service that combines certified experts and robust tooling to give you greater visibility and governance over your AWS environment. Watch our video and read the transcript below to learn more.

Video Transcript


Hi, I’m Jonathan LaCour, CTO at Mission, and today we are going to talk about Mission Cloud Foundation.

What is the Market Problem?

AWS’ ecosystem of products and services are constantly growing, making it difficult for businesses navigating the cloud computing services on their own to evaluate, select, launch, and maintain the right services for their needs. Without a deliberate approach to architecting and maintaining their cloud environment, organizations frequently find themselves spending more money than anticipated due to cloud sprawl, lacking governance, or neglecting to add standard security controls to their environment.

This is why Mission developed Cloud Foundation — a new managed service that combines certified experts, robust tooling, and proven methods to give you greater visibility and governance over your AWS environment. 

What Does Mission Deliver?

When you sign up for Mission’s Cloud Foundation, you are assigned a cloud analyst who is focused on optimizing your usage and spend in AWS. Meeting at a regular cadence, our AWS-certified cloud analysts will focus on cloud security best practices, resource inventory management, cost optimization and containment, quantifying and evaluating TCO and ROI calculations, and more.

What Does Mission Cloud Foundation Include?

  • Comprehensive Cloud Billing and Reporting — With simplified billing and and custom reports, we provide greater transparency into usage and charges.
  • Ongoing Cost Management — We continuously monitor your usage and costs and provide ongoing recommendations for better savings and cost containment. 
  • Cloud Governance — Leveraging AWS best practices and Mission governance policies, we provide ongoing recommendations to keep your resources optimally provisioned and secure.
  • Best Practice Monitoring — We monitor your AWS usage and give regular best practice guidance to keep your resources optimally provisioned and secure. 
  • Designated Mission Cloud Analysts — Mission Cloud Analysts provide guidance and support for reserved instance and savings plans purchases, custom reports, account requests, and more. 
  • Access to CloudHealth — Take advantage of our ability to allocate charges, attribute costs, and customize reports based on your requirements with the leading cloud management platform.

Author Spotlight:

Jonathan LaCour

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