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The Art of Chatbot Prompts with Dr. Ryan Ries & the Cookie Monster

Dr. Ryan Ries here, Mission Cloud Chief AI & Data Scientist and your guide in the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence. 


I’m starting this new weekly newsletter to share tips about commonly asked questions that myself and my team hear. We’ll also have fun each week with an AI generated image and the prompt I used to get that image at the end.


Today, I'm dropping in your inbox to share some golden nuggets on crafting effective prompts for chatbots. 


Let’s dive into my top three tips to ensure your interactions are as smooth and productive as possible. By the way, I’m hosting an “Ask Me Anything” style webinar on April 18th focused on Generative AI. Get all your questions answered live - RSVP here.


  1. Precision is Key: Specificity in Prompts


Imagine walking into a vast library and asking, "Can you recommend a book?" The librarian would likely be baffled. 


It's the same with chatbots. Specificity transforms your experience. 


For instance, rather than simply asking, "Can you write me a summary of these meeting notes?", opt for, "Can you summarize these meeting notes? Make sure to point out specific action items and who is accountable for those. Additionally, make a section in the summary dedicated to the important dates to remember that were mentioned in the meeting." 


This clarity enables chatbots to provide targeted, helpful responses, streamlining your interaction significantly.


  1. Speak Naturally: Embrace Conversational Language


Remember, chatbots are designed to mimic human conversation. 


The more conversational your prompts, the better I can comprehend and respond. So, instead of a formal "What is the weather forecast for today?", a relaxed "What’s the weather looking like today in Miami?" aligns more with natural speech patterns, allowing me to process and answer more effectively.


  1. Context Matters: Enrich Your Prompts with Details


Context is the backbone of understanding. Providing additional information in your prompts can drastically enhance the accuracy and relevance of the responses. 


For example, if you’re asking about data privacy laws, include details like the country and state you’re inquiring about for their particular rules and regulations, or a specific industry you’re working in. 


This enriched context helps chatbots grasp the full picture, leading to more insightful answers.


By implementing these tips, you’ll not only make your experience using chatbots more efficient but also more enjoyable. Remember, the goal is to make your interaction as human-like and seamless as possible, and your prompts play a crucial role in this. 


Experiment with these strategies in your next chatbot session. You'll be amazed at how a few simple tweaks can enhance the quality of your dialogue.


Stay curious, and happy chatting!


Until next time,

Ryan Ries


Now, as promised, here’s this week’s image and the prompt I used:

A picture of cookie monster in a cookie house that he wants to eat but can't

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Ryan Ries

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