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Architect, Migrate, Manage, and Optimize AWS Cloud Environments and Infrastructure

Cloud architecting. Infrastructure and application migration. AWS environment management. Continual optimization. These are all important steps along the journey of the AWS lifecycle. Known as AMMO (architect, migrate, manage, and optimize), the steps along the AWS cloud journey provide many opportunities for increasing the value you receive from your AWS investment. In this post, we will discuss how, working alongside an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, you can gain more performance, scalability, and value during every step of AMMO.

How Working With an AWS Premier Consulting Partner Can Optimize AWS Cloud

Here are some of the tasks that occur during every AMMO stage, and some of the benefits that an AWS Premier Consulting Partner can amplify.


During the architect phase, you’ll need help from a consulting partner on how to best design and implement your cloud strategy. A highly qualified partner can provide many benefits during this stage, like ensuring you leverage the right AWS technologies; taking an inventory of your current IT processes; and freeing up resources that can be allocated toward your main business objectives. Furthermore, they will ensure your application design and adoption plans are thoughtfully conceived.

Here are some methods for laying the foundations for an optimal AWS environment during architecting:


This phase of the AMMO lifecycle is about moving all your applications and data the AWS Cloud. And while this is no easy task, an experienced consulting partner can make your migration go smoothly by avoiding common problems. They can also conduct a migration that results in an AWS environment that’s agile, scalable, secure, and high-performing—while cutting your computing costs significantly.

Here are some of the processes your AWS consulting partner can optimize during the migration phase:


Once your AWS environment is up and running, it’s time to focus on the cloud management portion of your AMMO journey. Rather than devoting time and resources to managing the environment yourself, consider allowing a consulting partner to handle all your cloud management tasks for you. Doing so expands your access to some of the most valuable AWS benefits available—the ability to focus on perfecting your core business model instead of being distracted by routine cloud management tasks.

Here are some of the services an AWS Premier Consulting Partner can offer to reduce maintenance and operations overhead, allowing you to focus on core business competencies:

  • AWS account management
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Advanced AI/ML security solution and services
  • Continuous DevOps consultation


When your AWS environment is well architected, migrated, and managed, your AWS consulting partner will devote themselves to perpetually finding new ways to optimize your infrastructure. AWS innovations are frequent, and by selecting a partner who stays up to date, you can avoid missing out on new cost-saving opportunities.

An AWS consulting partner can help you optimize AWS Cloud performance and costs through the use of:

Getting Started

At Mission, we understand that your particular AMMO journey is as unique as your business. Our experienced team of solutions experts and engineers can ensure you receive all of the benefits AWS has to offer, at every stage. Additionally, we can ensure your infrastructure supports all of your business requirements, no matter how specific they may be.

The powerful AWS Cloud can fully optimize your current business model and give you the functionality needed for future growth. Let Mission’s expertise, services, and strategic insight guide you through the AMMO journey and increase your AWS ROI.

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