Migrate to the cloud with confidence.

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Lay the foundation for a successful migration with comprehensive pre-migration planning.

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Reduce disruptive downtime and get your migration done fast and right.

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Unlock the full potential of the cloud by optimizing for agility, availability, and cost.

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It’s Not Your Job to be an Expert in Cloud Migrations. It’s Ours.

Migrating out of the data center and into the cloud can transform your business. It's critical to approach your migration strategically and with the right resources allocated to the job. Mission's team of AWS Certified engineers have designed and implemented countless successful migrations, and our experience will help you compress your timeline, avoid pitfalls, and reduce downtime. We'll help you design and implement cloud-native solutions, making the full promise of the cloud a reality for your business.

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Migrate with Near-Zero Downtime

A successful migration not only gets your infrastructure moved to the cloud but does so without disrupting your business operations. At Mission, we've honed our migration planning and implementation processes over the course of dozens migrations, and we'll work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your migration goes smoothly, from initial planning and design through implementation and cutover. We'll use our experience to get your migration done fast and right, with minimal downtime and disruption.

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Transform Your Workload—And Your Business

We start every migration by working with you to understand your existing infrastructure, to identify your critical business and technology objectives, and to design a migration plan that will give you a technology environment that will help fuel your success as a company. Rather than doing a straight “lift and shift” of your existing workload, we'll help you leverage the power and agility of cloud-native solutions and deploy infrastructure designed for both the unique needs of your business and the unique possibilities of the cloud. Migrating with Mission will transform your infrastructure into a strategic asset with the elasticity, reliability, and global reach needed to accelerate growth in your business.

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Strategic Migration Planning

Our strategic approach to migrations eliminates the potential waste and inefficiency of lift-and-shift migrations.

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Tech Debt Reduction

Replace outdated technologies with modern cloud-native solutions to deliver flexibility, performance, and efficiency.

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Automate with DevOps

Leverage the power of DevOps automation to improve efficiency, achieve resiliency, and drive innovation.

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Optimize Post-Migration

Once you’re migrated, we’ll track utilization and KPIs, right-size instances, and deploy autoscaling to ensure high availability.

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Migrating to the Cloud Is Just the Beginning

Even well-planned and well-executed migrations require post-migration optimization and ongoing management, and it's our mission to help you keep things running smoothly and continue to develop your environment. Our suite of Managed Cloud Services—including infrastructure management, advanced security protection, application performance management, and managed DevOps—offers a comprehensive range of both operational support and expert strategic guidance. After your migration, the Mission team can guide you in maintaining an agile and secure environment, controlling costs, and continuing to leverage new tools and technologies—even as your business needs evolve to take on new market challenges and opportunities.

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