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Robust Security and Expert Incident Response for Your AWS Cloud.

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Expert guidance on securing your cloud-based infrastructure.

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Automatically aggregate and log data from across your environment.

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Advanced AI/ML tools help identify anomalies before it's too late to respond.

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Our team of cloud security experts is ready to act, whenever a threat arises.

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Agile Cloud Security & Threat Detection Tailored to Your Environment

Increasingly complex cloud environments require increasingly sophisticated protections, and relying on default off-the-shelf security configurations may put your applications and websites at risk. The Mission team of cloud security experts will implement managed security services including automated data collection and real-time threat detection using our sophisticated tooling. And we’ll help you enforce security practices across your infrastructure and keep your security measures up to date, so you’re always ready to meet the latest threats head-on.

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Managed Cloud Security Case Study:

Dream Warrior Group

Dream Warrior Group is a digital web development and design agency specializing in cutting-edge technology, creative strategy and SaaS marketing solutions. The company required assistance from an AWS managed service provider that could strengthen their security best practices in support of a new SaaS offering. Learn how Mission helped by implementing Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Cloudwatch, and more.

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Dream Warrior Group

24/7/365 Security Monitoring & Incident Response

No security measures can ever be guaranteed impenetrable, which is why our team of AWS managed security experts are constantly monitoring your environment for possible malicious behavior. When anomalies or vulnerabilities are detected, our systems trigger alerts, and our AWS managed security services team springs into action to investigate the incident, qualify the issue, and help remediate any damage.

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Real-Time Security Data Collection

We use automated systems to collect and aggregate data from across your environment, both to monitor for threats and to support forensics in the event of an incident.

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Threat Detection with the Power of AI/ML

We leverage advanced technologies to help you stay ahead of malicious attackers, to enforce security best practices, and to quickly identify anomalies.

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Rapid Security Incident Response

If a threat is detected, we'll move quickly to isolate the attack and work with you to investigate and remediate any impact.

Managed Cloud Security Case Study:


FAST, which stands for “Flexible Architecture, Simplified Technology”, focuses on solving the challenges financial services and insurance clients face as they seek to modernize their systems environments or completely replace legacy systems. The company approached Mission in need of a cost-effective SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) solution for compliance and security concerns. Learn how Mission helped FAST meet their requirements by implementing Mission SIEM, a platform that mixes together all the aspects of HIDS (host-based intrusion detection), log monitoring, and more.

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Keep Your Cloud Safe & Secure

With more workloads in the cloud every day, attackers are even more aggressive and resourceful in their efforts to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. In this environment, it's essential to adhere to the latest in cloud security best practices and to constantly monitor for anomalies across your infrastructure. Mission's team of AWS cloud security experts offer a suite of managed security services to help you build and manage a secure cloud environment, and we're always ready to respond as soon as a threat is detected.

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