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AWS Migrations

We streamlined migrations by reducing interruptions and downtime for your business

The initial preparation leading up to cloud migrations is often daunting. It is easy to become overwhelmed with so many decisions and budgetary factors to consider. While promises of working in the cloud such as boosting innovation, dependability, and lower costs remain present in the background, moving your infrastructure into the cloud can be complicated.

Mission Cloud uses operational practices honed over countless migrations to guide your business through the process with minimal interruptions and near-zero downtime. As an AWS Premier Tier Services and AWS Migration Competency Partner, Mission Cloud has the expertise and resources to efficiently migrate your infrastructure to the cloud.


Benefits of Migrating to AWS With Mission Cloud

Expert AWS migration guidance & strategic implementation
When you work with Mission Cloud, you gain a dedicated team of cloud experts to help you migrate to AWS with minimal business disruption and downtime.

A Migration Plan to Minimize Downtime

You can get to the cloud the right way, with a migration plan designed and implemented by our team of cloud migration experts. Our team of AWS-certified engineers has deep knowledge and experience in successfully implementing AWS migrations and will help you compress your timeline, avoid pitfalls, and minimize downtime. We’ll work with you to ensure that your cloud migration aligns with your business objectives.


Accurately Forecast Cost

During the assessment phase of the migration, we’ll gather valuable information regarding the current state of your infrastructure to prevent overprovisioning and keep your project on budget. Our team emphasizes accurate financial planning and forecasting so you will always have a clear idea of your AWS spend. We have the experience and the tools to provide increased certainty, transparency, and granularity into the factors driving cost. All of this means fewer budgetary surprises.


Migrate Faster

Our cloud experts can help, even on fast-approaching deadlines. We implement refined methodologies and techniques that support the most time-sensitive migrations. We gather the information necessary to create an accurate timeline forecast so that when time is of the essence, you can count on Mission Cloud to successfully meet your business objectives.

Our Approach To Migrating To AWS

An effective three-phase migration process

Mission Cloud works with you to fully understand your current environment and how to best migrate and modernize your infrastructure. We take your objectives, requirements, and challenges into consideration as we build your AWS cloud environment to work in alignment with your business.

Phase: 1


During the assessment phase, we determine the condition of your current infrastructure and data architecture, and determine the best path forward for migration. We leverage tools such as the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), tailored questionnaires, and deep-dive discovery sessions with your key stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of your readiness to move into the cloud.

Phase: 2


In the mobilization phase, Mission Cloud and AWS address gaps in your organization’s readiness that were uncovered during the assessment, with a focus on building your environment, driving operational readiness, and developing cloud skills. The Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART) helps you develop plans for your cloud adoption based on your migration readiness.

Phase: 3


During the migrate & modernize phase, each of your workloads is designed, migrated, and validated. AWS Migration Hub allows you to quickly see progress updates across all your migrations, easily identify and troubleshoot issues, and reduce the overall time and effort spent on your migration projects.

AWS Premier Service Partner

We are a trusted AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) Partner

 As an AWS MAP Partner, Mission Cloud has the validated expertise to unlock financial funding for large migrations. Our cloud experts will guide you through the first step of MAP, a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA). Using an MRA, we'll examine the current state of your business and environment, identifying readiness gaps, and making recommendations to ensure that you are prepared for migration. The MRA helps you address any financial, technological, and operational challenges that come with migration.

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Migrate With Confidence From Anywhere to AWS

When you partner with Mission Cloud for your AWS migration, you’ll receive the hands-on care of experienced professionals that have completed countless types of migrations. Our team has proven, successful experience in a variety of cloud migrations, including:

  • On-premise data center to AWS
  • Heroku to AWS
  • Other public cloud platforms (e.g. Azure, Google Cloud) to AWS
  • Rackspace to AWS
  • Microsoft workload migrations
  • Database migrations

Migrate Confidently to AWS with Mission Cloud

Start your migration journey the right way by gaining insights on the five key considerations to address when migrating to the cloud. Additionally, learn about the Migration Readiness Assessment and why it's in your best interest to get one done before your big move.

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Customer Success Story
Smitty's Supply

Smitty’s Supply is a large manufacturing distributor of custom oils and lubricants, and they needed a dependable new infrastructure after experiencing a ransomware attack. They were looking for a new and dependable solution that could be relied on in the future, when they decided on an AWS solution with Mission Cloud. Since they did not have in-depth cloud experience in-house, they needed a reliable cloud services partner to help them create this infrastructure. In a short, two-month window, Mission Cloud was able to complete the migration of their Microsoft Windows workloads to AWS ahead of schedule and under budget. We were also able to deliver training and equip them with a transparent and resilient cloud infrastructure built to last into the future.


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