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Mission AWS Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet 2022.1: Updates & Improvements

Your favorite, go-to Mission AWS Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet is now better than ever before with the latest 2022.1 version release. Watch the video below for a quick overview of the newest updates or scroll down and read on to get the entire scoop on all the new features and improvements that came with this latest version release.

What's new in this release:

  • Introducing Macros
  • New Welcome Tab
  • Updated User Interface
  • Refreshed AWS Pricing
  • New Region Support

Introducing Macros

By separating the cost of each AWS service into its own CSV file, we now have macros! These useful macros will reduce initial load times, allow for easy spreadsheet maintenance, and increase functionality.

New Welcome Tab

Ever come across those nifty "Quick Start" guides that you come across when unboxing something new? Well, our new Welcome tab is just that. You'll find basic instructions on how to use the calculator, additional resources, and contact information to a Mission Cloud Advisor in case you ever find yourself in need of additional troubleshooting support.

Updated User Interface

The updated user interface now features orange-colored fields to show you precisely where to input your values, making it much easier to identify what fields are required to calculate AWS pricing and cost estimates for cloud services.

link to calculator download page

Refreshed AWS Pricing

We've refreshed the number of instances, on-demand instances, reserved instances (RIs), and regions. Here is an overview of the changes:

Amazon EC2

  • Instance types increased from --------  361to 421
  • Standard RIs increased from ----------- 483766 to 641943
  • Convertible RIs increased from -------- 473304 to 638695
  • Regions increased from ------------------ 31 to 40

Amazon RDS

RDS users are now required to select a database engine, edition, and license model separately to calculate AWS pricing. Previously users would only need to select the “Database engine”, which would aggregate the options listed above.

  • Instance types increased from -------- 71 to 95
  • Regions decreased from ---------------- 26 to 24

Amazon Redshift

  • Instance types increased from ------- 6 to 7
  • Regions decreased from --------------- 26 to 23 locations

Amazon ElastiCache

  • Cache node types remained the same at ---- 43
  • Regions decreased from --------------------------- 26 to 23

Amazon EFS

EBS has been removed from this section. We are exploring ways to reintroduce it in a future update. 

  • Storage type changed to Storage class
  • Regions decreased from --------------------------- 29 to 23 locations

Amazon RDS

Aurora has been removed from this section. We are exploring ways to reintroduce it in a future update. 

  • Storage types remain the same ------------ 4
  • Regions decreased from ----------------------- 29 to 23

Amazon S3

Being such a large file, Glacier Deep no longer resides in S3. The newly divided Glacier Deep Archive storage classes have their own section for easier back-end maintenance.

  • Storage types decreased from ----- 8 to 6
  • Regions decreased from --------------------------- 29 to 23 locations

Glacier Deep Archive (NEW)

  • Regions decreased from --------------------------- 29 to 23 locations

Amazon Elastic IP

No changes have been made. There isn't a data file to download, and the cost is hardcoded.

Amazon Data Transfer

Previously, this section had hard-set transfer types. Now, users can select transfer types, along with transfer-to-and-from locations. Note that many transfer types will result in no cost.

  • Data transfer types increased from ----- 13 to 19 transfer types
  • Regions increased from --------------------- 29 to 48 from location

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