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AWS Pricing Calculator 2021.1: Updates & Improvements

What's new

Discover some of the edits and updates in the most recent iteration of the Mission AWS Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet 2021.1. If you are new to the Mission AWS Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet check out our video on Youtube How to use the Mission AWS Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet.

Amazon EC2

We've updated the number of instances, on-demand offerings, standard offerings, convertible offerings, and regions. Below is a breakdown of the changes at a high-level:

  • Instances increased from -------- 286 to 361
  • Standard increased from --------- 297550 to 483766
  • Convertible increased from ----- 264770 to 473304
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Data Transfers

There are now new regions specific to Verizon which include new rates for data transferred. These rates for the most part, are the same as transfers to the internet and thus facilitated no change other than adding the new regions. The fact the Verizon charges are listed in a separate section (even though they are the same price) leads us to think they may update these to be different in the future.

  • US East (Verizon) - Atlanta
  • US East (Verizon) - Boston
  • US East (Verizon) - New York
  • US East (Verizon) - Washington DC
  • US West (Verizon) - San Francisco Bay Area
  • Added Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local) region
  • Updated pricing in Asia Pacific (Sydney), Africa (Cape Town), Middle East (Bahrain), South America (Sao Paulo)
  • Added EU (Milan) region

Other Updates

  • Amazon EFS added two regions (Europe Milan & Africa Cape Town)
  • RDS Storage added: Aurora - Added EU Milan, General Purpose - Added Africa (Cape Town), EU (Milan), Provisioned IOPS - Added Africa (Cape Town), EU (Milan), Magnetic - Added Africa (Cape Town), EU (Milan)
  • EBS added all Verizon Regions
  • Amazon S3: added all Verizon Regions, updated pricing for Africa (Cape Town), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Middle East (Bahrain), South America (Sao Paulo)

If you would like to learn more about our previous product update check-out our blog from October Updates to the Mission AWS Pricing Calculator — Learn More.

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