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The Masters & Your New Prompt Productivity Hack

The Masters & Your New Prompt Productivity Hack


Dr. Ryan Ries here with a prompt productivity hack that's been game-changing for our team: the RISEN prompt framework.

You might be thinking - "Another framework? 🥱"

But hear me out because this simple 5-step process has transformed the way we collaborate with AI assistants, like our dear friend Claude, to achieve consistently great results.

Introducing RISEN

The core idea behind RISEN is ensuring you provide the AI with a comprehensive, structured "recipe" for completing a task.

No more vague instructions or half-baked expectations.

RISEN gives you a framework to capture all the essential elements:

  • Role: Defining who the AI will be – an advisor, a creator, a problem-solver, etc. This establishes the perspective and capabilities you need.
  • Input: The specific data, information, or instructions you're providing as the starting point. Think of this as setting the scene.
  • Steps: The detailed directions you want the AI to follow. A clear, step-by-step process for reaching the desired outcome.
  • Expectation: Explicitly stating what you want the final result to look like. The goal or deliverable you're aiming for.
  • Narrowing: Any restrictions, limitations, or specific areas of focus to guide the AI's efforts.

If you’re thinking – "That sounds like a lot of work upfront!" I get it, and you’re not wrong.

But trust me, the time invested in crafting RISEN-structured prompts pays dividends in the form of higher-quality, more reliable AI outputs.

Here's a real-world example:

Role: Chief AI Scientist.

Input: A blog post about LLMOps.

Steps: Read this blog post. Provide me with a 300-word summary of what the blog entails.

Expectation: a concise, informative summary detailing what LLMOps is, how to implement LLMOps, and how to create alignment with LLMs and my business.

Narrowing: Focus on making this summary relevant for a general business audience, avoiding overly technical jargon.

Why you should try a framework

Frameworks like RISEN transform the AI from a black box into a collaborative partner, where you're both working towards a clearly defined goal. The more thoughtful and intentional you are with your prompts, the more valuable the AI's contributions will be.

When I’m experiencing hallucinations with an AI, I lean on frameworks to help the AI narrow in on my request.

Of course, RISEN isn't a silver bullet. There will always be some trial and error, and you have to be diligent about monitoring for potential mistakes or biases.

But as a framework for prompt engineering, it's an absolute game-changer.

So the next time you're working with an AI assistant, whether it's Claude or any other model, give RISEN a try. I guarantee it will elevate the quality, consistency, and reliability of your outputs.

And don't be afraid to experiment – the more you use it, the more intuitive it becomes.

After all, mastering the art of prompting is the key to unlocking the full potential of generative AI. And that's exactly what we're all about at Mission Cloud.

So, let me know how RISEN works for you and what frameworks you’re using.

P.S. I’m hosting an “Ask Us Anything: Generative AI Deep Dive” tomorrow with AWS’s Andrea Friio, Principal Partner’s Architect, AI/ML. Join the party here! I’ll also be at the LA Summit next month. If you’ll be there, join me at our Happy Hour.

Until next time,

Now, here’s our weekly AI-generated image & the prompt I used.

DALL·E 2024-04-16 09.56.42 - A golf player, resembling a Caucasian male, celebrating a win at a golf tournament. He is holding a trophy and dressed in an orange polo, white ball c-1

"Create an image of Scottie Scheffler celebrating his win at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia. Scottie is holding a trophy. Scottie is wearing an orange polo, a white ball cap, and blue pants. He is surrounded by cheering fans. It is a gorgeous, sunny day. TV crews are filming the celebration."

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