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[Video] Mission Managed APM


Hi, I’m Jonathan LaCour, CTO of Mission, and today we are going to talk about Mission Managed APM.

What is Managed APM?

Cloud-native applications are designed to perform in the face of unpredictable demand, scaling up and down with traffic. With elasticity comes complexity, as applications become interconnected systems of microservices, data stores, third-party services and more. In these environments, tracking down performance issues can be maddening, with many different data points to track.

This is why Mission developed a Managed APM service: to provide deep, real-time insights into application performance, with visibility into every component and layer, enabling rapid decisioning and troubleshooting with the help of our 24/7, always-on CloudOps team.

What Does Mission Managed APM Deliver?

Mission Managed APM provides deep, real-time performance management and root cause analysis for your applications. Our team will instrument your application with best-of-breed performance management tools, and we’ll work with you to identify key metrics for application performance, triggering alerts when performance isn’t up to par. Dive deep into the bottlenecks that are slowing down your applications, enabling our teams to optimize with confidence, together.

What Does Mission Managed APM Include?

  • Access to real-time insights. Mission provides a performance portal for comprehensive visibility, so customers can have instant access to real-time insights about every component of their application.
  • Rapid response and remediation. Automated alerts allow our team to address issues before they impact your users.
  • APM expertise on-demand. Mission’s APM experts will help you interpret your performance data, and develop an action plan for optimizing your application and infrastructure.

To learn more about how Mission can help support you and your cloud journey, visit our website at

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