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[Video] Mission Managed DevOps

Video Transcript:

What is the Market Problem?

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to iterate more quickly: to deliver new products, features, and services at a very fast pace. Public cloud services, coupled with DevOps principles, and modern tools can take a business from good to great. But, understanding the full breadth and depth of AWS, infrastructure as code and configuration management tools, CI/CD platforms, and more is a huge obstacle, not to mention the difficulty of hiring and retaining great talent. How can a business get from “here” to “there?”

That is why Mission developed Managed DevOps – to help our customers strategically and continuously apply the best technology available to help them meet their business goals in AWS.

What does Mission Deliver?

Leveraging Mission Managed DevOps, customers can innovate faster and with greater efficiency and quality. A Mission Architect engages deeply with customers, and then designs a completely customized strategic technology roadmap based on their specific needs, outlining key phases and milestones that will drive transformation in their business. Then, our DevOps engineers work alongside customer engineering teams to deliver those transformative changes with our deep expertise.

What does Mission Managed DevOps include?

  • Expert Strategic Planning and Technology Roadmapping that will drive the ongoing development of your cloud and DevOps infrastructure.
  • Regular cadence meetings with your consultants to ensure your team is aligned every step of the way.
  • Engineering for your DevOps projects, including:
  • Configuration management with Chef and Ansible
  • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and AWS CloudFormation
  • Blue / Green Deployments
  • CI/CD pipeline implementation
  • and more…


To learn more about how Mission can support you and your cloud journey, visit our website at

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