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Dragonball Z & AI Tools You Might Not Know About

Dr. Ryan Ries here, back with this week’s Mission Matrix - my AI newsletter. Today, we're diving into some seriously cool and innovative AI tools that may have flown under your radar. These unique apps and platforms are pushing boundaries in creative, productivity-boosting ways. 

Let's explore what they can do for you:


Who hasn't dreamed of picking the brain of a historical genius like Einstein or a creative visionary like Frida Kahlo? Well, with Character.AI, you can essentially do just that through AI persona chatbots trained on their writings and works. 

But the applications go beyond pure novelty. For writers, artists, and researchers, these AI personalities could spark fresh creative insights. Entrepreneurs and students could use them to role-play unique scenarios. And from a mental health perspective, the potential for supportive AI companions is intriguing.

My tip? Start by simply conversing with personas that intrigue you. But then start posing challenges, bouncing ideas off them, or reenacting historical events through their lens. The possibilities are endless for unique creative exercise.

Pitch Deck Analyzer

This GPT is great for startups. It is crucial to have an amazing pitch deck for funding and strategic success. This free GPT from Vladislav Tislenko can be a game-changer, providing detailed feedback across structure, messaging, visuals, and more.

My thoughts: First, go through and implement the tool's high-level suggestions on your deck. Then, drop in slide-by-slide to get granular styling and copy optimizations. Just a few tweaks can dramatically elevate your story's clarity and impact.

Lemonade Twist

In the B2B world, Lemonade Twist serves up savvy marketing, sales, and strategy advice with a focus on the tech industry. So, if you're selling to enterprises or startups, this GPT is golden.

My top tip: Don't be afraid to get specific with your queries. For instance, ask "How can I reframe our SaaS platform's messaging to highlight our edge in Kubernetes security for DevOps teams?" The more details and context you provide, the more insightful and tailored its suggestions.

Toon CEO Guy

Sometimes, you just need a trusted mentor to talk through strategic plans or get an outsider's perspective. This AI persona specializes in guiding you on product, GTM, pitching, hiring, and more. A virtual Tony Robbins meets Guy Kawasaki!

How to use this: I'd treat Toon CEO Guy like a seasoned advisor you can candidly brainstorm and debate ideas with. Be specific with your situation and goals, push back on suggestions you disagree with, and see where the conversation takes you. The fresh vantage point may surprise you.


There you have it - a small sampling of the cool, unique AI tools pushing what's possible. While some are still rudimentary, they hint at the incredible productivity gains and supercharged creativity AI can unlock across industries.

Can't wait to see what boundary-pushing AI breakthroughs emerge next!

Until next time,
Ryan Ries


Now, in honor of Akira Toriyama, here’s this week’s image and the prompt I used:

3.13.24 Ryan Newsletter

"Create a photorealistic image of Creator Akira Toriyama and Son Goku from Dragonball Z designing a groundbreaking new AI product in a modern Silicon Valley workspace. They should be engaged in an intense discussion, with holographic product renderings and AI code surrounding them."

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