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Introducing Mission Cloud Elevate: A New Way to Accelerate Success in AWS

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In an increasingly competitive, digitally-driven marketplace, organizations need to be working towards unlocking the cloud’s full potential as a platform for agility and an enabler of continuous innovation. The modern cloud industry has witnessed an explosive interest in DevOps and automation. With the ability to start small in the cloud and then scale exponentially, companies who have automated and adopted agile methodologies to pave the way for innovation are finding ways to quickly overcome barriers of entry that once served as sustainable competitive advantages for other companies.

However for many organizations, attaining agility and the full business benefits of the cloud is not easy. The complexities of current IT environments and waterfall-style processes entrenched in company culture hinder companies from making the necessary changes to unleash business acceleration. And finding, hiring, and retaining people with the essential cloud expertise to further guide cloud-native and modernization efforts in the face of a constantly-evolving AWS ecosystem is challenging. 

In response to feedback from our AWS customers with IT modernization initiatives who want to execute work in an agile and incremental approach (and simply want to do more in the cloud), Mission has designed and is proud to announce the launch of its newest premier service: Mission Cloud Elevate. 

Mission Cloud Elevate is a flexible managed cloud service that provides an agile, team-based way to accelerate success of various cloud initiatives in AWS. From automating IT operations and deployments in AWS using infrastructure as code to deploying AWS proof-of-concepts, Mission Cloud Elevate offers the people, processes, and tools to help achieve organization’s desired outcomes faster. 

Mission Cloud Elevate uses a custom agile process model designed to optimize workflow execution while giving customers the flexibility to change the scope and priority of work based on their business needs. In addition, Mission Cloud Elevate gives customers access to a designated team of Cloud Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers that provide ongoing consultative guidance, AWS architecture reviews and optimization recommendations, strategic planning, and hands-on-keyboard engineering support. With Mission Cloud Elevate, businesses can subscribe to a Mission Cloud Elevate capacity tier based on their cloud initiatives, timelines, and budget, avoiding the costly price tag of traditional staff augmentation while gaining the benefits of baked-in coverage models and a diversity of AWS skill sets. This flexible and cost-effective model enables maximum value against business priorities in the time and budget allowed.

Here are some examples of how Mission Cloud Elevate can help your business:

DevOps and Automation

Mission Cloud Elevate helps you simplify AWS provisioning and managing infrastructure, automate software release processes, and build more reliably by automating your IT operations and deployment using Infrastructure as Code (“IaC”), developing CI/CD pipelines, and implementing other DevOps practices using AWS. Mission Cloud Elevate offers the following DevOps and automation services:

  • Automation of IT operations and deployments in AWS using IaC
  • Modification of current automation for better operations and performance
  • Implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (“CI/CD”) pipelines on AWS

Infrastructure Builds

Whether you need support building new infrastructure or modifying existing infrastructure through an agile approach, Mission Cloud Elevate can help transform your AWS environment to take full advantage of all the features and benefits AWS has to offer. Infrastructure build services include: 

  • New infrastructure builds in AWS
  • Enhancements to current AWS infrastructure to improve performance, reliability, security, and costs
  • Implementation of microservices architectures using containers and serverless computing
  • AWS Proof-of-Concepts (“POCs”)
  • Implementation of cloud-native architectures

Cloud Strategy and Solution Design

Mission Cloud Elevate provides you with the technical resources and expertise to regularly review your desired business outcomes and needs, AWS environment, and technology goals and challenges. With Mission Cloud Elevate, Mission will work closely with you to build a cloud implementation roadmap and architect technology solutions on AWS based on your organization’s goals. Cloud strategy and solution design services include: 

  • Consultative guidance on AWS technologies, architectures patterns, and best practices
  • Regular AWS account and architecture reviews
  • Ongoing cloud solution design and development
  • Discovery and ideation sessions
  • AWS best practice workshops
  • Cloud architecture and optimization recommendations

Building For the Future, Together

Building for your organization’s future state in the cloud requires that your processes, people, and tools are moving in harmony. With Mission Cloud Elevate, you gain all three, delivered by a trusted and collaborative partner capable of delivering key engineering results while enabling you to focus on your core business and innovation. If you’re ready to elevate your business, we’re ready to hear from you. 

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