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Mission Cloud Elevate: An agile, flexible, and team-based way to architect, build, and optimize AWS

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Unlock the Full Potential of AWS

Reaching your AWS cloud’s higher potential can accelerate innovation and drive competitive advantages, but getting there is no small task. Today, many organizations lack the resources, expertise, and strategy required to maximize the value of their cloud.

Mission Cloud Elevate provides you access to a pod of highly-skilled cloud architects and engineers that support a wide range of services related to architecting, building, and optimizing in AWS. Through our unique agile service delivery model based on continuous engagement and delivery, we help advance your cloud initiatives faster and more reliably.

Collaborative Expertise

Work with cloud experts on a wide range of strategic initiatives in AWS, tapping into the knowledge acquired and refined over thousands of successful deployments.

Flexible Engagement

Gain access to a Mission Cloud Elevate Pod, led by a named Cloud Solutions Architect, that expertly aligns planning and execution to your priorities & budget.

Faster Outcomes

Achieve greater business agility through highly developed, agile processes designed to continually build and optimize your AWS environment. 

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Cloud Strategy & Solution Design

Mission Cloud Elevate provides you with the resources and expertise to regularly review your desired business outcomes and needs, AWS environment, and technology goals and challenges, and work with you to build a cloud implementation roadmap and technology solutions on AWS.

  • Consultative guidance on AWS technologies, architectures patterns, and best practices
  • Regular AWS account and architecture reviews
  • Ongoing cloud solution design and development
  • Discovery and ideation sessions
  • AWS best practice workshops
  • Cloud architecture and optimization recommendations

Infrastructure Builds & Cloud Adoption

Whether you need support building new infrastructure or modifying existing infrastructure through an agile approach, Mission Cloud Elevate can help transform your AWS environment to take full advantage of all the features and benefits AWS has to offer.

  • New infrastructure builds in AWS
  • Enhancements to current AWS infrastructure to improve performance, reliability, security, and costs
  • Implementation of microservices architectures using containers and serverless computing
  • AWS Proof-of-Concepts (“POCs”)
  • Implementation of cloud-native architectures

DevOps & Automation

Mission Cloud Elevate helps you simplify AWS provisioning and managing infrastructure, automate software release processes, and build more reliably by automating your IT operations and deployment using Infrastructure as Code (“IaC”), developing CI/CD pipelines, and implementing other DevOps practices using AWS.

  • Automation of IT operations and deployments in AWS using IaC
  • Modification of current automation for better operations and performance
  • Implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (“CI/CD”) pipelines on AWS

Security, Compliance, and Cloud Governance

Enhance your compliance and security posture with Mission Cloud Elevate. Mission Cloud Elevate can improve your alignment with AWS security best practices, allowing your team to shift focus on innovating and growing your business.

  • Security and compliance assessments based on AWS best practices
  • Implementation of security and regulatory industry best practices
  • Modification of current AWS infrastructure to improve security and compliance
  • Secure access control to AWS environment using AWS Identity and Access Management (“IAM")

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Mission Cloud Elevate will help you explore and implement multiple backup and disaster recovery strategies, ranging from low-cost backup and restore to comprehensive, multi-region active/active deployments.

  • Implementation of backup solutions in AWS
  • Deployment of high availability and disaster recovery solutions in AWS

Cost & Performance Optimization

Mission Cloud Elevate helps you maximize your use of AWS using a variety of tools related to rearchitecting for costs. This includes rightsizing your AWS resources, increasing the elasticity and scalability of your environment, or optimizing storage.

  • Implementation of scalable infrastructure in AWS that automatically adjusts to capacity needs
  • Re-architecture of AWS environment for reliability, scalability, and costs
  • Rightsizing of AWS resources to improve performance and costs

"Mission has been an incredible partner, so much so that they’ve become very much an extension of our own IT team. They've led the way in implementing a very complex and beneficial AWS environment on our behalf, which could not have been created without their expertise."

Jay Wessland, CTO, Boston Celtics

Meet Your Elevate Pod

The Mission Cloud Elevate Pod is comprised of a team of advanced, high-impact Cloud Solutions Architects (CSA) and DevOps Engineers (DOE) who provide focused design and implementation support to help organizations achieve specific outcomes faster in AWS.

Delivered as a recurring service, you work closely with a named CSA and DOEs to build your strategic roadmap and execute work through an agile and iterative approach. This flexible and cost-effective model enables maximum value against business priorities in the time and budget allowed.

pod team diagram
Cloud Solutions Architect (CSA)
  • Lead CSA is primary point of contact
  • Develop strategic plans and solutions
  • Oversee technical implementation
DevOps Engineers (DOE)
  • Technical delivery resource
  • Validate technical plans and task estimates
  • Implement technical solutions on AWS
Engagement Manager (EM)
  • Internal EM resource
  • Oversee flow of work and support prioritization
  • Engage additional resources