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[Video] Introducing Mission Enterprise Support

In partnership with AWS, we are excited to launch Mission Enterprise Support, a comprehensive, concierge-like service that offers comprehensive technical support, cost optimization benefits, and bundled CloudCheckr, the leading cloud management platform. This is one of our services under our larger Mission AWS Support umbrella. Check out our video below to learn more and schedule a free 60-minute consultation with one of Solutions Architects to discuss how to leverage Mission Enterprise Support for your organization.

Video Transcript:

Tell me about the market for AWS Support

Businesses looking for support for AWS have some great options available directly from Amazon, including AWS Business Support, and AWS Enterprise Support. These premium services are a good solution for many businesses, but not all businesses. One thing we’ve learned at Mission is that companies come in all shapes and sizes with a huge variety of priorities, budgetary constraints, SLAs, best practices, technical support depth and more. At Mission, we think there’s a need for more options to help address these different priorities.

What is Mission AWS Support?

As an AWS partner, Mission is able to provide partner-led AWS support. Now, what is that exactly? Well, AWS has a very strong network of partners including Mission, and we’re very close to our customers. With those strong relationships comes more comprehensive services. So what Mission has done is created a suite of support services designed to provide a concierge-like experience for our customers, and they come in three levels: Mission Business Support, Mission Enterprise Support Basic, and Mission Enterprise Support Plus. All of these services are backed by AWS, with Mission acting as your first line of support.

What is included with Mission AWS Support?

In addition to all of the great features offered by AWS’ own premium support offerings, customers of Mission AWS Support get access to regular account reviews, cloud optimization support, assistance purchasing Reserved Instances, industry-leading SLAs, and full access to CloudCheckr, the leading cloud management platform.

Why Mission?

Why choose Mission? Well, it all comes down to relationships. Mission’s vision is to build long-term relationships with all of our customers. We’re always there as your trusted partner to help you achieve your business goals with the power of AWS.

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