AWS Data Lake

Fully managed AWS data lake service

Accelerate Your AI/ML and Data Lake Projects

Benefits of Amorphic with Mission

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Minimal IT Required

Zero software installation, maintenance, AWS infrastructure or monitoring and management required.

Leverage the power of AI

Process and integrate all types of data with a variety of Amazon AI services, so you can understand trends and make important decisions, faster.

Save Big on Cloud Analytics

Run on a serverless pay as-you-go platform that dramatically reduces upfront costs and allows you to monitor your ongoing data analytics costs.

Best-in-Class for Security

The most powerful governance layer on Amazon at the dataset level, with over 10,000 layers of IP, giving you peace of mind about the security of your data.

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Get Insights From Your Data

Find out how Mission can help your business simplify data lake analytics on AWS using Amorphic.

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Strategic Decision Making — Powered by Amazon AI

Integrate your data lake with Amazon AI services such as Amazon Forecast, Amazon Personalize, and Amazon Rekognition, making it easier for your team to create intelligent applications, analytics, and data products.

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Personalize your customer experience with recommendation technology.

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Optimize your cloud spend and anticipate resource needs with forecasting models powered by ML technology.

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Image & Video Analysis

Add image & video analysis from your application to catalog assets, automate media workflow, and extract meaning.

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Advanced Text Analysis

Use natural language processing to extract insights & relationships from unstructured text.

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Intelligent search

Query data inside of files with the power of Amazon's artificial intelligence.