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Creating Your Generative AI Solution with Anthropic

Accelerate your Generative AI initiatives on AWS



While there are huge business opportunities for adopters of generative AI, implementing and customizing generative AI can be a complex, resource-intensive process. Have you ever implemented retrieval-augmented generation? Fine tuned a foundation model? Or scaled a data architecture to serve your model and use case? We have.

Mission Cloud has worked with leading companies building their business with generative models that use text, audio, and images. With our deep AWS expertise, we’ve helped them to design the proper AWS infrastructure for their solutions and to handle the implementations of a variety of Gen AI use cases.

Developing with Anthropic

Using Anthropic's foundation model through AWS Bedrock, we can help you create a GenAI solution to fit your business needs. Anthropic's models work for many use cases, like RAG-based chatbots, summarization, generating relationships and classifications of data, keyword extraction, code generation, and copywriting. To support these use cases, we will work with you to design the underlying infrastructure using AWS best practices and utilize common tooling like AWS Lambda Functions, LangChain, and Amazon OpenSearch.

To help you engineer your solution, we’ll work backward with you to understand all the requirements you need fulfilled by interacting with Anthropic models. We review and create  things like:

Business Needs

Usage patterns for inference

Architecture designs

LLM Fine Tuning

Retrieval-augmented Generation (RAG)

From these, we’ll develop a best-fit architectural approach and design everything from model stores, experimentation, endpoint deployment, pipelines, and the data infrastructure. As a part of every engagement, we document this system from top to bottom and conduct extensive knowledge transfer so that your team can maintain it into the future.

Get Your Pilot Launched

Over a 4 to 6 week period, we’ll construct an engagement to get you up and running on Anthropic. By the end, you’ll have a pilot solution deployed in your environment that’s been designed to accomplish your objectives and demonstrate the potential of a fully scaled architecture.



At the end of the Design phase, you get:

  • Data and infrastructure design
  • Use case prioritization and roadmap
  • Defined business use case
  • Defined success criteria
  •  A proposed candidate solution for the minimum viable product
  • A high-level solution architecture using AWS and Anthropic's services
  • A development plan for the Pilot Deployment
  • Preliminary TCO estimates for AWS infrastructure and Anthropic services

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At the end of the Pilot phase, you get:

  • A pilot deployed in your AWS development environment
  • The solution architecture documentation
  • A plan to build for scale as a production-ready solution
  • A refined TCO estimate for AWS and Anthropic services
  • A summary of success criteria met and recommendations for “go/no-go”

Our Offer

Want to learn more about how to build your Generative AI with best practices and scale its development on AWS? Take a FREE 60-minute consultation with one of our AI specialists to discuss your ideas, concerns, and needs.