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Cloud Solutions Tailored to Every Stage of a Game’s Lifecycle

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Accelerate code development and deployment with modern containerization software tools and techniques.

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Architect and build a global, scalable AWS environment to ensure low latency and an engaging experience.

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Leverage the latest technologies to monitor game performance and analyze player for continual improvement.

AWS Managed Services for Game Tech Help You Level Up

Mission’s AWS-certified engineers have deep experience building robust, scalable environments to support gaming industry products. We’ve architected solutions, leveraging the full capabilities of AWS Game Tech to help client’s games succeed. Gaming companies can streamline code development and deployment with the aid of GameLift fleets, use Amazon EC2 to scale dynamically, monitor infrastructure performance, and apply analytics to continuously improve the player experience. Mission brings the expertise to help you build, evolve, and scale your AWS environment to exceed player expectations.

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Game Tech Case Study:

Autumn Games

Autumn Games, a global video game publisher, sought better support with infrastructure automation, change management, and improved reliability of applications hosted on AWS. Based on the output of the Well-Architected Review, Mission moved Autumn Games' infrastructure to a managed services environment. We streamlined cloud processes with infrastructure-as-code tooling, and set up infrastructure for programmatic management, eliminating single points of failure and improving resiliency.

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How Does Mission Help Gaming Companies?

Mission applies its extensive experience to create scalable web architecture for advanced gaming technology. We guide you in selecting the right AWS tools and services to meet your needs, and bring our experience as a leading Advanced AWS Consulting Partner to provide a custom solution to every problem. Depending on your business and customers’ needs, we can advise and implement:

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Game Tech

Game Tech solutions to create immersive and engaging experiences, build cross-platform server and data backends, analyze player activities, and monitor infrastructure performance.

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Gamelift-dedicated, scalable server hosting to optimize performance by minimizing latency and wait times.

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EC2 Auto Scaling

EC2 Auto Scaling to maintain application availability, using dynamic and predictive features to automatically add or remove EC2 instances.

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Elastic Load Balancing

Elastic Load Balancing to handle varying application loads by automatically distributing traffic across multiple targets.

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CloudFront global low latency, high-transfer-speed content delivery network for secure delivery of applications, videos, and data to players.

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Aurora to store player profiles, game progress, and achievements.

Our goal is to architect the AWS environment that delivers optimum performance for your titles.

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Game Tech Case Study:

Subatomic Studios

Subatomic shifted from selling games as stand-alone downloads to delivering games as a service through AWS. The gaming house needed infrastructure that could scale with shifting demand. Mission applied configuration changes to their AWS infrastructure to support higher application throughput and auto-scale with user demand. The improvements delivered the performance players expect, decreased the required number of AWS servers, and reduced monthly cloud computing costs by more than 40%.

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AWS Managed Services for Game Tech and the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry places tremendous demands on cloud environments. Performance and scalability are must-haves for successful game adoption and growth. AWS Game Tech solutions and complementary AWS services can support every stage of a game’s lifecycle. Mission helps gaming companies understand and implement the required services to boost scalability and performance. Once implemented, Mission can provide AWS managed services for game technology, allowing you to focus on features and improvements instead of infrastructure, incidents, and outages.

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