AWS Expertise to Make Your Big Vision a Reality.

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Take a deep dive into your infrastructure’s architecture and potential roadblocks.

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Get expert fingers-on-keyboards help working through technical challenges.

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Build a strategic agenda to guide your ongoing infrastructure development.

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Expertise and Experience Support Your Success

The move to the cloud can be daunting, but Mission’s team of engineers are 100% AWS-certified. Mission is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) with deep know-how in launching and leveraging the power of the cloud.

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AWS DevOps Case Study:

Boston Celtics

"The Boston Celtics enlisted Mission to lead its cloud transformation from on-prem servers to the AWS cloud. Working closely with the NBA franchise, Mission ensures that the team’s cloud environment is as robust, secure, available, and cost-effective as possible. Additionally, Mission’s AWS experts provide the Celtics with managed DevOps, cloud management, 24/7 cloud monitoring, and ongoing AWS best practices and implementation, so that they can focus on what do best: winning championships."

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Roadmap Your Infrastructure Initiatives

The awesome power of the cloud brings with it a dizzying array of technologies, tools, opportunities, and choices. We’ll help you sort through that complexity and identify the initiatives most important to your business. Armed with a clear understanding of your existing infrastructure and organizational objectives, we’ll build your company’s Strategic Technology Roadmap, a comprehensive plan to guide your cloud initiatives from where you are right now to the achievement of your big vision. We’ll identify high-impact initiatives, quick wins, and areas that require additional discovery or analysis, and we’ll set implementation priorities to ensure your technology infrastructure aligns with your business strategy.

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Triage Your Cloud Initiatives

We’ll help you determine what issues are critical and where you should focus your longer-term efforts.

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Accurately Scope Your Projects

Avoid unanticipated cost overruns and missed deadlines by fully understanding the scope of upcoming initiatives before you start.

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Set Clear Strategic Priorities

Leverage Mission’s deep experience and expertise to make smart choices about sequencing and prioritization.

AWS DevOps Case Study:


AwareManager provides services through approximately 400 websites that host applications integrated with database servers, all supported by AWS. AwareManager relies on Mission’s Managed AWS Cloud and Managed DevOps offerings to manage and monitor AWS infrastructure environments 24/7 in the US and Europe. Mission ensures AwareManager clients access to those 400 websites, their applications, and back-end databases.

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We Provide Expert AWS Cloud Consulting

Mission’s AWS certified cloud experts help you define and execute a cloud technology plan to drive business growth. We’ll identify the best tools and practices for your organization. We design and implement robust, scalable cloud-native solutions that deliver performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Our comprehensive professional services offerings include:

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Strategic Consulting and the AWS Well-Architected Review:

One of the ways we set priorities when we do strategic roadmapping is to benchmark current infrastructure and technology operations against best practices (AWS Architected Framework).

We make an in-depth evaluation of your existing infrastructure and strategic objectives. We create a strategic roadmap to guide your company’s ongoing cloud development and implementation initiatives. We apply these best practices to create a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructure for your applications.

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Mission’s AWS-certified engineers have the experience and expertise to compress the timeline, avoid pitfalls, and reduce downtime as you migrate data and applications to the cloud.

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Containerization consulting

Use containers to package your application’s code, configurations, and dependencies in a single object to reduce development and deployment time.

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Serverless technology

Apply AWS Lambda serverless architecture to build, deploy, and improve applications, greatly reducing management overhead and enabling massively-parallel execution.

Mission has focused on the cloud since day one, working with a range of industries, including health care, life sciences, and media and entertainment. Whether you are a startup or enterprise, Mission has the experience and expertise to design, manage, and optimize your AWS cloud.

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AWS Migrations Case Study:


When they were migrating the infrastructure that hosts customer-facing applications to AWS, Apperian turned to Mission. We had already migrated several internal applications to AWS, including Microsoft Active Directory, an AD password self-service application, and a wiki application. Mission consulted on best practices and recommended technologies like Bucardo (an asynchronous PostgreSQL replication system) that enabled Apperian to complete the cut-over with only one hour of downtime.

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Confidently Track and Manage Cloud Costs Without Sacrificing Performance

We’ll review your environment and help you cut waste by deprovisioning unused resources, right-sizing active instances, and identifying architectural improvements. Use the latest tools and technologies to track cloud spending by project, business unit, or department, knowing that you’ll pay only for what you need—without affecting performance or security.

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