AWS Disaster Recovery

Planning Keeps You Operational

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Assess your current environment and identify requirements.

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Determine the appropriate methods, services, and tools to meet the need.

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Deploy AWS services and ensure rapid, reliable recovery.

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Develop the Appropriate AWS Disaster Recovery Strategy

An experienced AWS Premier Consulting Partner who understands your business requirements can develop an AWS disaster recovery planning strategy specifically tailored to address your operational needs. Depending on the criticality of data and applications, one or more of these methods may be employed. Additionally, Mission can provide guidance regarding backup methods (snapshots, AMIs, etc.), frequency, retention periods, locations (AWS availability zones), and pricing to help you develop the most cost-effective disaster recovery strategy.

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A simple, low-cost approach backs up data and applications from anywhere to the AWS cloud for restoration during disaster recovery. Amazon S3 offers low-cost, infrequent access, backup storage.

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Replicates a limited set of core services, always running simultaneously and syncing mutable data, thereby allowing the AWS cloud environment to seamlessly take over in the event of a disaster.

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A scaled-down version of a fully functional environment is always running in the cloud. Decreases the recovery time for business-critical systems because some services are always running.

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Runs on AWS and your existing on-site infrastructure in an active-active configuration. Your data replication method is determined by the recovery point that you choose—RTO or RPO.

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CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is an AWS service that makes it quick and easy to shift your disaster recovery strategy to the AWS cloud from existing physical or virtual data centers, private clouds, or other public clouds.