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Unlock the benefits of containerization.

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66% of organizations adopting containers experienced increased developer efficiency.

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75% of organizations saw their deployment time drop when adopting containers.

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Deploy and manage containers without having to provision or manage servers.

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Seamlessly and efficiently scale to meet customer demand.

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Discover the Power & Efficiency of Containerization

In today’s competitive enterprise landscape, there is a greater focus than ever before on scaling applications quickly and securely while being mindful of resource utilization and cost optimization. Containers, which provide a standard way to package your application’s code, configurations, and dependencies in a single object, can be crucial in contributing to the success of your cloud environment. Mission, an AWS Managed Service Provider and Premier Consulting Partner, has deep experience helping customers transform their applications with containerization technology. From helping you determine the pros and cons of ECS vs. EKS, to leveraging Docker and Kubernetes Mission’s proven, experienced team drives containerization from start to finish.

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Containers on AWS Case Study:

Your Call Football Turns to Mission to Deploy High-Volume App in AWS with Kubernetes

Your Call Football offers a wholly unique football experience where fans get to call plays in real time and see them run on the field by real players. Fans can stream the game live from anywhere, vote by phone for the play they want to see executed, and can win cash prizes based on their call-winning prowess. Mission was put in the game to navigate Your Call Football’s cloud infrastructure challenges —specifically, ensuring the app would be able to handle sharp bursts of traffic from 100,000 concurrent users during the three hours each week when games are played. Thanks to Mission’s deft implementation of infrastructure-as-code that tapped into Kubernetes, fans enjoy a fun, unique, and issue-free gaming experience.

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Containers on AWS Case Study:

Autumn Games Relies on Mission to Successfully Leverage Docker on AWS

Autumn Games is a global video game publisher known for publishing Skullgirls, among other popular cross-platform titles. The company used Docker to deploy application server software, but needed an expert partner to provide guidance in bolstering its pipeline and introducing efficient scalability in production. Mission was able to successfully move the gaming company’s infrastructure to a managed services environment and delivered the operational support and professional services necessary to implement CI/CD pipelines for Autumn Games’ infrastructure and containerized applications.

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Understand What Tools To Adopt, When, and How

Many organizations are starting to recognize the benefits of containerization, but management of containers at scale, otherwise known as container orchestration, can be a source of confusion. Mission’s container experts can help you better assess whether Amazon Elastic Container Service or Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon ECS vs. EKS) is right for your organization.

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