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Biblica Improves Traffic Flow With AWS

The Challenge

Biblica approached Mission to set up and manage a high-availability WordPress site to deliver translations of Biblical quotes. Biblica wanted to keep their site on WordPress, but were experiencing performance issues due to the amount of traffic they received. The existing infrastructure was not architected to be highly-available and was susceptible to multiple single points of failure. They also had limited visibility into the performance and health of the infrastructure and resources in use as monitoring was limited to basic ping checks and up/down status monitors. Along with a lack of insight into their infrastructure, their support and development pipelines were unavailable or unreliable.

These collectively affected the organization’s ability to assess and respond to issues quickly. Ultimately, Biblica’s largest concern was simply the ability to tolerate and perform under sudden traffic spikes while translating the bible into 26 different languages to more than 85 million people per month.

The Solution

Biblica worked closely with Mission and was dependent on their AWS expertise to develop a working plan that allowed them to deliver a successful project. While this implementation is a new deployment into AWS, it was a significant increase in resources as compared to the existing resources used in Biblica’s current environment. This increase concerned Biblica in that the size of infrastructure and amount of resources in service poses new challenges with managing and securing resources-at-scale.

Mission met this challenge by utilizing best practices in governance and risk management provided by AWS features and services and clearly communicating everyone’s role within a shared responsibility environment.


  • Utilized best practices in governance
  • Improved site performance issues
  • Secured infrastructure

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