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LifeLock Boost Website Response Time By 3x

The Challenge

LifeLock wanted to migrate their entire WordPress website to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to improve response times and scalability. Before migrating the website over, Mission tested many different variables to be sure that the website could remain available during migration with no noticeable impact to availability.

After utilizing various tools, such as Jenkins, AWS Cloudfront, and Chef, Mission successfully migrated LifeLock’s website to AWS and saw response times improved by over 3x.

Mission continues to proactively monitor LifeLock’s website 24/7 to prevent downtime, optimize costs, and provide support for their AWS infrastructure.

“Mission’s Managed Services on the AWS platform has exceeded our expectations and SLAs. Mission implemented industry best practices in terms of security, storage, and redundancy, in addition to giving us more transparency with our AWS bill. With Mission’s services we feel assured that our AWS infrastructure is well managed and maintained to meet our stringent requirements.”

Moudy Elbayadi
Chief Information Officer

The Solution

  • Monitored performance and availability of the website before migration
  • Froze code and database changes to perform final sync of data and content
  • Website was setup using Jenkins for CI/CD, and tools like Chef and AWS CloudFormation
  • Installed and configured agents for LifeLock’s existing security tool chain (OSSec, Sumo Logic, New Relic, etc.)


  • Over 3x improvement in response times
  • Reduced hosting costs
  • No downtime when deploying new code

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