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Mission Cloud Foundation

Manage costs, support your teams, and build to scale.

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Mission Cloud Foundation is your solution for cost management and foundational best practices for your AWS environment. By combining support, strategy, and guidance, we help you manage your cloud and build for the future.

Our Four Pillars of Continuous Engagement

Continuous cost management

Continuous guidance with foundational best practices

24/7 reactive support with Enterprise-level SLAs

Continuous consultation on cloud strategy and roadmap

Your Team of Cloud Experts

Get regular guidance and planning to help you grow efficiently along with the support to help you overcome challenges as they arise.

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During regular cadence reviews with your team of Cloud Analysts, you’ll get expert FinOps support and guidance for cost

During regular cadence reviews with your team of Cloud Analysts, you’ll get expert InfraOps support and guidance on performance, architecture, and best practices

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A follow-the-sun support team on call 24/7, with AWS Enterprise-level SLAs for technical help and troubleshooting

SUPPORT RESPONSE TIMES AWS Business AWS Enterprise Mission Cloud
General guidance


< 24 hrs < 24 hrs < 8 hrs
System impaired
< 12 hrs < 12 hrs < 2 hrs
Production system impaired
< 4 hrs < 4 hrs < 30 min
Production system down
< 1 hr < 1 hr 15 min

Business-critical system down

n/a 15 min 15 min

Cost Management Tooling and Expertise

With CloudHealth and Mission Control, our cloud services platform, our team of experts will help you audit, predict, and comprehensively understand your spending, then give you the guidance you need to manage your costs proactively and improve your cost trajectory.

We find opportunities to improve operational practices, like streamlining backups management, and increasing your cost awareness

We teach you how to leverage AWS best practices to develop a cost-efficient, performant architecture

review your environment for over-provisioned and unused resources, like unattached EBS volumes or instances which exceed the needs of your workloads

find you savings opportunities via our Instant Discount Program, RIO Program (Reserved Instance & Savings Plan Optimization),
and guidance on adopting PPAs / EDPs

Success Story

"We’re already saving tens of thousands a month with Mission,
and my goal now is to get that to six figures. We’ve seen successive months with five- figure increases in savings. From our peak to where we are today, the amount that Mission has saved us is downright massive.”

CFO, Driven


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After being divested from its parent company, Techstreet, a fast-growing reseller of technical standards, needed to migrate to its own AWS platform within six months. It also required modernization services to improve application performance and increase scalability.


Mission introduced CloudHealth monitoring capabilities and provided similar cost optimization around EBS, pulling back on storage expenses. Mission also determined that Driven’s FSx deployment used backups that were more frequent than necessary.


  • Highlighted overprovisioning that was driving unnecessary costs
  • Introduced AWS Glacier cold storage, cutting S3 costs by 66%
  • Reduced monthly AWS bill significantly, saving the company over $80,000 per month

Discover a Cost-Efficient Architecture that Scales with Your Business

With Mission Cloud Foundation you can eliminate cost inefficiencies, gain greater insight into how you spend, and develop better forecasting for how you’ll grow. With our help, you can architect for your unique cost, reliability, and performance needs and build a backend that scales, with Enterprise-level support to keep you on track. Interested in learning more? Whether you’re just starting out or established and looking to grow, find out how Mission can help you on your cloud journey today.