Data, Analytics & Machine Learning

A comprehensive practice for every step in your data-driven journey.

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Leverage The Power of Data, Analytics & Machine Learning To Elevate Your Business

Whether you are considering building or buying a data lake, looking to improve existing data architecture and pipelines, or implementing custom AI & ML algorithms to better understand your organization’s or your customers’ needs, we have the in-house expertise to help you during every step of your data-driven journey.

Transform Your Data Storage

Gain insight from an increasing volume of data without compromising data access and speed.

Upgrade Data Pipelines & Processes

Manage data orchestration, QA your data, and optimize data pipelines and processes.

Make Decisions that Improve ROI

Apply algorithms to your data and make informed decisions for a variety of business initiatives.

Optimize Machine Learning Models

Drive continuous improvement in your machine learning models.

Data & Analytics Case Study

New AWS Architecture Solves Data Performance Limitations

7SIGNAL’s existing architecture was not able to efficiently leverage modern cloud services, leading to performance and scalability struggles – and holding back the development of new product capabilities for monitoring customers’ wireless networks.

The company enlisted Mission to rebuild its AWS architecture and create a new alerting agent application that could analyze millions of streaming data messages daily (and deliver near real-time customer alerts whenever WiFi errors or anomalies occur). With this Mission-designed and verified AWS architecture, 7SIGNAL gains a performant and scalable solution for advancing its services and meeting future customer growth. The company also leverages Mission’s data, analytics, and machine learning (DAML) practice for bringing its predictive analytics application to market.

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Benefits of Data, Analytics & Machine Learning with Mission

Our team of expert data scientists, data engineers, and data architects can help you make the promise of data-driven business intelligence a reality.

Gain more insight from your data

Design custom algorithms to gain greater insight into the needs of your organization or customer base.

Run your data models efficiently

Develop a CI/CD pipeline for your models and keep them up to date with continuous training and automation.

Leverage AWS databases

Mission has experience and expertise building solutions with cloud-native services such as Amazon Redshift.

Level Up Data Governance

Monitor all data on an ongoing basis to ensure best practices for regulatory compliance.

Tailor Your Solution For Your Needs

Customize your data and analytics approach to meet your specific use case and objectives.

Navigate the build vs. buy decision

Take a consultative approach to determine which data solutions make the most sense for your business.

Collaborate With A Team Of Experts

Solve data challenges with a team of experts at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house team.

Identify Patterns With Business Insights

Build dashboards and gain insights with BI tools such as Tableau, Amazon QuickSight, and Power BI.

Drive Data-Driven Decision Making

Detect anomalies in new data, recommend unique activities for customers, and make better decisions to inform courses of action.

Data & Analytics Case Study

Tuned Data Indexing For Speed With OpenSearch

Writable wanted to migrate to AWS and automate deployment to accommodate growth/scaling needs while adopting a microservice framework. Following a successful migration, Writable engaged Mission to improve its data indexing and utilization using Amazon OpenSearch (formerly Amazon Elasticsearch).

To do this, Mission developed a Terraform IAC module for repeatable deployments and consistency, including the ability to pull all data into one unified index and access it intuitively. Mission improved Writable’s observability and logging, proactive customer issue discovery, audit visibility and readability (change logs, etc.), customer issue remediation speed, and anomaly detection through Kibana.

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