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Getting Started with Generative AI 

Leverage Large Language Models to accelerate your business

Are you curious what Large Language Models like ChatGPT and other generative AIs can do for your business? In a fast-moving field like this, it can be hard to discern what’s hype and what’s a real breakthrough. Mission Cloud has extensive experience working with generative AI, exploring the models, and diving into use-cases. With our long-standing AI/ML expertise, we can help you define your goals, separate the hype from reality, and realize your business objectives with the models and infrastructure that fit your aims.

Incorporating Generative AI in Your Business

First, we work backward with you to understand your current use-case and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Next, we co-develop a model with you, using either open source or a foundational model’s API.

From there, we design your AWS infrastructure with generative AI best practices, using established tools.

Through this process, we analyze things like:

Which model matches your use case
and budget objectives

What are your
business needs

What usage patterns
do you expect

Curating a historical
training dataset

Prompt engineering best
practices for your solution

Automation opportunities for QA,
Training, and Parameter Validation

This is how we develop a best-fit generative AI approach and design everything from model stores, experimentation, endpoint deployment, pipelines, and the data infrastructure. As a part of every engagement, we document this system from top to bottom and conduct extensive knowledge transfer so that your team can maintain it into the future.

Free 60-Minute Generative AI Consultation

Want to learn more about how to build your generative AI with best practices and scale its development on AWS? Take a FREE 60-minute consultation with one of our AI specialists to discuss your ideas, concerns, and needs.