Mission Cloud DataOps

Embrace An Agile, Team-Based Approach To Data And Analytics In AWS

AWS Data Engineering, Analytics, & Architecture To Further Your Business

Data is the new oil, providing organizations working in the cloud a deep wellspring of operational and analytical potential. Tapping that source, however, requires a clear and salient approach to data architecture, processing, and utilization: an approach rooted in agile execution, best practice alignment, and a deep understanding of cloud-native platforms and tools.

With Mission Cloud DataOps, you gain a team of AWS data experts capable of helping you discover, envision, and realize your most ambitious data and analytics initiatives. Our team, comprised of experienced veterans with diverse and complementary skill sets, works closely with your team to create a robust foundation for future optimization, growth, and success.


A Collaborative, Rewarding AWS Data Engineering Experience

Our team of AWS data experts will work with you in weekly sprints to help you advance your company on your data-driven journey. We’ll begin with a discovery phase focused on defining your business objectives, cataloging your data sources, and assessing your existing data infrastructure.

Depending on your needs, we execute a highly-calibrated, scoped engagement focused on Designing & Building or Calibrating & Tuning.

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Design & Build

You need to build a data infrastructure, and are looking for the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to ace your project. We step in to architect your data environment and operations from scratch, offering ongoing optimization and CI/CD post-project.

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Calibrate & Tune

You already have data infrastructure and operations in place, but need help fine tuning for maximum value. We step in to adjust for performance and efficiency, ensure technical and governance alignment, and more.

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Agile Delivery Model

Mission’s engagement model provides a foundation for successful AWS data and analytics project work at any scale. We combine deep technical expertise with continuous improvement-based service delivery to harness your data’s full value across diverse use cases.

Make Better Decisions Leveraging Machine Learning

Learn how AWS machine learning services empower you to unlock information, identify anomalies in your data, make better decisions, and more.

case study

Tuned Data Indexing For Speed With OpenSearch

Writable wanted to migrate to AWS and automate deployment to accommodate growth/scaling needs while adopting a microservice framework. Following a successful migration, Writable engaged Mission to improve its data indexing and utilization using OpenSearch.

To do this, Mission developed a Terraform IAC module for repeatable deployments and consistency, including the ability to pull all data into one unified index and access it intuitively. Mission improved Writable’s observability and logging, proactive customer issue discovery, audit visibility and readability (change logs, etc.), customer issue remediation speed, and anomaly detection through Kibana.


Integrate With The Entire AWS Data Ecosystem