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Mission Cloud Score

Benchmark your environment against AWS best practices.


Score Your Cloud Against AWS Best Practices

With Mission Cloud Score you can see how your architecture performs against the well-architected pillars that define best practices for AWS. Learn how your cost efficiency, operations, security, reliability, and performance rank and see any issues clearly enumerated.

Over time you can track and measure your score as your infrastructure changes, so that you can build with confidence, assured that you’ve architected with all of the measures AWS considers necessary for a state-of-the-art back-end.


Measure Your Architecture and Know Exactly Where You Stand

Mission Cloud Score shows you exactly what you want to know about your AWS environmental health and helps you keep tabs on it. See at a glance your adherence to best practices and learn what you need to do if you’re out of alignment with any.


  • Rely On Trusted Tooling and Precise Answers

    The Mission Cloud Score is generated using a proprietary algorithm we’ve honed through working with hundreds of customers. In combination with data from your environment and AWS’s own tooling, this algorithm triangulates a score to measure the viability of your environment across each of the well-architected pillars.

  • Authoritative Insights

    We rely on some of the most accurate and widely trusted tools for measuring your environmental health on AWS. Your Mission Cloud Score is calculated using AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Security Hub, and AWS Compute Optimizer checks. 

  • See Which Resources Are Impacted

    When something impairs your score, you can see the exact resources which have triggered the missed check and even download this list to use with other tooling.

  • A Feed of Your Most Recent Changes

    Every time a check’s status changes, you’ll get a notification in our activity feed, so you can see exactly what caused the change.

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