Amazon WorkSpaces Consulting

Work remotely without sacrificing security

Cost Effective

Pay-as-you-go for the resources and software your business needs.


Access familiar business desktops with full fidelity from the device of your choice.

Easy to Manage

Easily add or remove users, and simplify the deployment of corporate applications.

Secure Data

Enterprise-level encryption independent of the network access point.

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Free Ebook

Getting started with Amazon Workspaces?

In this Ebook, we cover the basics of Amazon WorkSpaces by answering commonly asked questions. Learn about the differences between Windows and Linux workspaces, how to launch Amazon WorkSpaces from a custom image, how to quickly provide thousands of desktops to workers across the globe securely and more.

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"Mission helped us learn how to use Amazon WorkSpaces so end users can work efficiently in our cloud environment. When passwords change in one environment, it takes place in the other environment automatically. Mission also set up workgroup permissions so we have appropriate access with a strong security posture."

Doug Wood, Principal Software Engineer, Ultivue

Run More Efficiently Using Amazon WorkSpaces

Increase business productivity by leveraging AWS services such as Amazon WorkSpaces. With our vast experience, Mission can help set up Amazon WorkSpaces for your business so you can empower your team to be productive no matter where they’re working.

Simple application Management

Provision desktop applications to WorkSpaces as virtualized app containers while maintaining centralized control, security, and compliance from an easy-to use management console.

Many Supported applications

Build and manage your application catalog of third party applications that you already own the license for, internally-developed and custom applications.

Real-Time INsight

Track application usage so you only pay for the applications that are used. Adjust manage license usage by applications, versions, users, or groups.

Grant users Access

Reduce the burden on IT and increase user productivity by allowing users to select and install the applications they need, as they need them.

Low cost

Eliminate the need for up-front investments in software and hardware used to manage and deploy applications, and reduce operational expenses for managing applications.

On-Demand Webinar

Transition to a Remote Workforce

One of a select few AWS Premier Consulting Partners trusted to configure Amazon WorkSpaces.

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Transition to a Remote Workforce

One of a select few AWS Premier Consulting Partners trusted to configure Amazon WorkSpaces.

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