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AWS Windows Migrations

Migrate Your Windows Workloads to the Cloud with Confidence

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Migrate to the Cloud and Transform Your Business

AWS has a vast amount of expertise helping enterprises modernize legacy tools — in fact, the IDC reports that over 57% of Windows workloads are run in AWS, almost twice more than the next leading provider. Mission, a trusted AWS consulting partner, can work with you to build, deploy and manage Microsoft applications in the AWS cloud quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. The team can also work with you to provide a comprehensive set of management tools for your Microsoft workloads, establish a networking approach with multiple layers of security, and the ability to scale up and down based on demand.


Move to the cloud with a migration plan designed and implemented by a team of Mission experts.


Free yourself from obsolete or inefficient technologies when you migrate to AWS.


Mission will help you optimize your environment for both spend and performance.

Once you migrate to the cloud, it’s important to keep all moving parts running smoothly. Mission’s comprehensive suite of managed services, including infrastructure management, advanced security protection, application performance management, and managed DevOps, ensure our commitment to maintaining your cloud environment, so you can focus on your core business.

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Deliver a technology environment that’s a strategic asset for the business. Facilitate continuous improvement by leveraging modern technologies, including automation, microservices, and containers.

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Scale & Deploy APPS FASTER

AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS CodeDeploy help you quickly and easily deploy and scale applications and custom configurations.

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Mission can provide a roadmap designed to help you leverage fully managed AWS infrastructure and services that reduce the cost of managing Microsoft applications.