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Mission Cloud Security Healthcheck  Powered by CrowdStrike

Deploy your comprehensive security scan in minutes

What's your level of security confidence?

How confident are you in the security posture of your AWS environment, on a scale of 0% to 100%?

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The worst feeling to have about security is uncertainty. Do these sound familiar:

  • We have an audit coming up, are we ready for it?
  • Did we configure that correctly?
  • What about that weird behavior we noticed on the cluster the other day…?
AWS has comprehensive security tools and features that can go a long way toward protecting you, provided they’re set up correctly—but who should you trust to double-check that correctness?

Get a real-time window into your cloud security posture

With Mission Cloud’s Security Healthcheck, you’ll get the same Falcon Cloud Security Posture Management tooling (CSPM) we operate for every customer of our Mission Cloud One managed service. As part of Falcon Cloud Security, this tooling examines the security posture of instance-based and containerized workloads to find opportunities an attacker might exploit.

In addition to seeing your security posture visualized through CrowdStrike’s dashboards, our Solutions Architects will meet with you to review critical resource types, like IAM, Storage, and Production Workloads to help you triage issues, assess compliance, prioritize remediations, and identify recurring patterns of compromise.

How your posture is assessed: IAM Roles

In order to detect these indicators and assess your security posture, CrowdStrike creates 2 IAM Roles:

  • a read-only role for detecting IOMs.
  • a role for detecting IOAs (integrates with CloudTrail and EventBridge to enable near-real-time streaming of logs).
CrowdStrikeCSPMReader-[uniqueId] For configuration assessment. Has read-only access to AWS services for the detection of insecure configurations through API calls.
CrowdStrikeCSPMEventBridge The role is used by EventBridgeRules in customer accounts to allow CrowdStrike to receive the CloudTrail events.

How the assessment works

You create CrowdStrike’s IAM roles for CSPM monitoring on your AWS accounts.

Our Solutions Architects meet with you for a discovery call to discuss your security needs, concerns, and objectives.

We spend a week (5 business days) reviewing the findings and assessing your overall security health.

We take you through a tour of concerns that we’ve identified that merit your attention, based on a combination of your goals (like compliance readiness) and indicator severity; we review and discuss potential remediation strategies.

You receive a checklist highlighting the items we discussed with you along with a $1,000 credit toward your AWS bill for completing the process.

Claim Your $1,000 AWS Credit

Get up to $1000 in AWS credit* for completing your healthcheck—reach out to our security experts to start the assessment today or call 855-647-7466.

* AWS Promotional Credits are governed by the AWS Promotional Credit Terms and Conditions. You must have a valid AWS account to redeem a Promotional Credit code. To see the full Terms and learn more, visit This promotional offer is not available to state, local, federal government, and other public sector agencies or their employees, officials, or representatives.