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Mission Cloud One

Our comprehensive service for AWS optimization, operations, and security.


One Managed Service for Your Entire Cloud Environment

Mission Cloud One is our comprehensive cloud managed service to continuously monitor, maintain, optimize, and secure your environment. We remove the operational burdens of managing your AWS environment so you can focus on what matters most: your business.


Why Mission Cloud One?

Managing an AWS environment can take valuable time away from engineers. Building an on-call rotation, dealing with incidents, repairing and maintaining your infrastructure—these burdens create friction, distracting teams from mission-critical initiatives and slowing down development.

With Mission Cloud One, we handle everything you need to keep your environment reliably running, so that you stay cost efficient, scalable, agile, and secure.

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Efficiency You Need

Running your environment efficiently is an evolving problem which takes strategy and expertise. It’s critical to monitor your costs, tag your infrastructure appropriately, actively manage it, and ensure you’re architected in a way to maximize your performance while minimizing your overhead. With our FinOps and InfraOps support, you’ll get experts trained to do exactly that.


Your Industry’s Best Practices

Our teams work with some of the largest AWS environments in every industry. We understand not only best practices for AWS itself, but for industry-specific needs, like compliance, governance, monitoring, logging, containerizing, and the architectures that make all of these possible. We’ve worked with hundreds of customers across thousands of deployments to help their environments scale and perform.

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Support You Can Trust

Our 24/7 support is backed by Enterprise SLAs and AWS itself. This means that when an issue arises, or a critical service goes down, you’re not on your own for figuring out a fix. With live chat and ticketing, you get responses in minutes, so you can get back up and running without losing customers or breaching a secure system.


Peace of Mind

How do you know if you’ve made the right choices for your long-term growth? What about keeping your environment secure or meeting a compliance benchmark? With our experts alongside you every step of the way, you can have confidence that you’re aligned to best practices, secure, and designed for the scale you need.

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No More On-Call Rotations

Never again worry about a 3am call and keep your teams laser focused on your business value. By jointly developing runbooks and monitoring your resources, we create protocols for repairing and and recovering from infrastructure failure on your behalf. So no matter the time of the incident or its severity, we’ll get you back online quickly.


Security You Can Rely On

Powered by CrowdStrike and AWS’s native security services, we help you to identify risks in your governance and vulnerabilities in your applications and architecture. Harden your security posture and rest easy knowing that CrowdStrike’s Security Operations Center is overseeing your environment.

Features Overview

Get Comprehensive Support For Your Environment

Optimize costs, modernize and align with best practices, and fearlessly take on new initiatives with the support you need to address issues when they arise. Receive round-the-clock proactive support and proactive guidance.

  • Managed Operations

    Handle system maintenance and common tasks like patching, updating, and provisioning to address your vulnerabilities and manage the day-to-day needs of your AWS infrastructure with our AWS-certified CloudOps team. Using New Relic One, we monitor your infrastructure, track its changes over time, tune your alerts to ensure the right items get attention, and conduct root-cause analysis when incidents occur.

  • 24/7 Proactive Support

    Get round-the-clock monitoring, incident management, and enterprise support to proactively recover your environment, with industry-leading SLAs backed by AWS. We collaborate with you to develop runbooks for responding to and remediating incidents.

  • Comprehensive Optimization

    Improve your cost efficiency, gain insight into AWS spending and forecast how you’ll grow with help from our team of Cloud Analysts. We offer continuous monitoring and guidance on the performance and efficiency of your environment, helping you to identify waste, bottlenecks, and underlying infrastructural issues and solve them so you can scale.

  • Harden Security and De-Risk Your Cloud

    Get timely review of your alerts by our Cloud Analysts, who work in tandem with your support team to identify incident trends, attacks, and vulnerabilities. Receive the guidance you need to architect for security and compliance obligations.

Features - Tooling

Industry-Leading Tools

All Mission Cloud One customers get access to industry leading tools such as CloudHealth by VMWare and New Relic.  We manage all of these tools for you, instrumenting your environment with them, configuring them for your needs, and tuning their alerts to show only what you need to see.


Cloud Optimization & Foundational Best Practices

We use the leading cloud management platform, CloudHealth by VMware, to analyze your environment for cost savings opportunities. These tools give you greater visibility and control of costs, and we supercharge them by contextualizing their suggestions to your specific goals, situation, and needs.


Comprehensive AWS Operational Support

Our AWS-certified CloudOps team mitigates operational issues and helps drive continuous improvement by analyzing key performance metrics and trends in ticketing and alerts. Using New Relic One, we monitor your infrastructure and track its changes over time, tune your alerts to ensure the right items get attention, and conduct root cause analysis when incidents occur.


24/7 Managed Detection & Response

We use CrowdStrike Falcon Complete to secure your environment and help you to meet your compliance obligations. With a combination of agent-based and agentless monitoring, a 24/7 Security Operations Center, and a threat hunting engine, we help you to reduce your attack surface, limit your blast radius, and adapt to changing threats.

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Mission Control

The Cloud Services Platform That's Purpose Built for AWS

Get visibility into your cloud environment with Mission Control, paired with our CloudOps and Cloud Analyst teams to help you act on its insights. We contextualize our suggestions to your specific goals, situations, and needs while tracking the historical performance and costs of your environment.

“We pushed to get the AWS infrastructure under Mission Cloud’s control so we could have a single source for monitoring our environment. We can sleep better knowing that Mission Cloud is keeping close tabs on things that are happening. They provide us with a higher level of security and monitoring of our environment 24/7 so we can focus on our front-end and back-end applications.”

Jonathan Fishbeck
Founder and CEO of EstateSpace

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