AWS Reserved Instance & Savings Plan Management

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AWS Reserved Instance & Savings Plan Management

Amazon Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SPs) provide the opportunity for significant savings on your Amazon spend compared to On-Demand pricing, but they can be difficult to manage because they are risky and confusing. By partnering with Mission to create and manage an RI and SP strategy, we handle the purchasing, selling, and renewing of RIs & SPs on your behalf. We also take care of the continuous overall management of your RIs & SPs so you can focus on growing your business and enjoy the financial benefits of AWS RIs & SPs.

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Mission Reserved Instance Optimization (RIO) Program
Mission RIO is an AWS reservation management program that provides significant optimization and savings without the day-to-day management or financial risks. Through RIO, Mission will optimize your options and empower you through RI & SP management by:
Creating a detailed RI analysis report and customized RI recommendations and implementation that reduces computing costs.
Providing detailed payment invoices.
Detailing your cloud spend to identify trends and find new opportunities for savings and optimization.
Tracking budgets, spending, and performance with annual reviews.
We manage and administrate your RI & SPs strategy to de-risk your process and enable you to do what matters most – drive business growth.
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Customer success story


Storyblocks, a photography and royalty-free stock media company, needed to reduce the costs of its AWS infrastructure without burdening its internal IT resources. To take on this challenge, Storyblocks turned to Mission for its Mission Cloud Foundation service and its Reserved Instance Optimization (RIO) program. By using Savings Plans, Storyblocks now covers 86% of their EC2 instances resulting in monthly savings of nearly $20K. They now leverage intelligent-tiering for Amazon S3 to reduce monthly storage costs by 34%, from $38K to $25K. Further, we identified reserved instance purchase opportunities to lower their Amazon Redshit costs by $1.4K per month.
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Reserved Instance Optimization Program

Our Reserved Instance Optimization (RIO) Program is an AWS reservation management service that provides greater optimization and savings without day-to-day management or worrying about financial risks. With the Mission RIO program, AWS customers with existing reserved instances and savings plans have seen a 210% average increase in optimization and a 7-24% cost reduction in their overall AWS monthly bill.

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