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AWS Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)

What is an MRA?

Cloud migrations are complex and can easily become time-consuming and unnecessarily costly without proper planning and preparation. It’s important to take into consideration all the business, operations, infrastructure, and budgetary factors involved before proceeding with migration.

The AWS MRA examines the current state of your business and environment, identifies any readiness gaps, and makes recommendations to ensure you are best prepared for migrating to the cloud.

As an AWS Premier Tier Services and Migration Competency Partner, Mission Cloud the expertise to help you successfully migrate to AWS. We use AWS MRA and migration best practices to help you identify, plan for, and address financial, technological, and operational challenges that come with a migration.

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Benefits of an AWS MRA With Mission Cloud

Successful AWS migrations begin with an MRA

The results from an MRA are the foundation of a migration plan that will align your business and technology objectives with AWS best practices for cost, security, and performance. Our extensive experience in migrations combined with an AWS MRA offers:


A Strategic Migration Roadmap

Strategic roadmapping through the MRA allows for organizational consensus around a clear path forward and understanding what success looks like.


Business & Operations Modernization

Stay competitive in your industry by driving business objectives and innovation through modernization on AWS.


AWS-Vetted Migration Experts

Mission Cloud is a Migration Competency Partner that offers you AWS-certified cloud migration experts that fill capability gaps and provide guidance and meaningful insights to optimize your migration and ensure a smooth transition to AWS.


Mitigation to Risk & Costly Surprises

Avoid migration pitfalls and complexities through discovery tools, automation, and proven processes. We will help you determine all the requirements and costs post-migration to avoid unwelcome surprises.



Forecasting for Optimal Financial Planning

Mission Cloud gathers valuable information about your infrastructure to prevent overprovisioning and stay on budget. We emphasize accurate financial forecasting and provide increased certainty, transparency, and granularity into the factors that drive spend.



A Holistic Assessment of Your Transformation Needs

As part of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, we assist you in determining your level of cloud adoption and migration readiness. A heatmap and radar chart provide an overview of your organization's cloud adoption readiness scores, making it easy to communicate those findings to others.


AWS MRA Process & Delivery

Here’s what you can expect from your MRA

It begins with a half-day workshop based on the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework to gauge your organization’s migration readiness. We work with you and other key stakeholders in your organization to learn about your business, objectives, operations, and infrastructure as well as identify migration gaps. This session is a great way to build consensus around your cloud competence, capability, and commitment. 


We recommend the following stakeholders attend the workshop:


  • CEO
  • Security Leader
  • CTO/Chief Architect
  • Network Leader
  • CIO
  • Application dev leader
  • VP Engineering
  • Operations Leader
  • IT Finance Leader
  • Applications owner


After the workshop, we analyze the collected data and schedule a one-hour feedback session where we provide you a full report of your MRA, projected total cost of ownership (TCO), and recommendations for the next steps.

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Expert AWS Migration Guidance & Support

Your migration is in good hands
Your migration and cloud journey doesn’t have to be difficult. As an AWS Premier Services and Migration Competency Partner, Mission Cloud helps you navigate all the phases of a complex migration from discovery, planning, execution, and optimization. Our AWS-certified Cloud Architects, Engineers, and Consultants set the stage for a successful migration by performing an MRA to ensure that your transformation process meets all your business and technological needs. 

Migrations with an experienced cloud managed services provider go much faster and lead to better business outcomes than those without. We tap into our extensive migration experience to help you realize, measure, and communicate the tangible benefits of your migration. Mission Cloud handles all of the documentation and evaluation of your current resources (configuration, storage, and network states) and analytical data (performance, usage, and dependencies) to make way for an efficient and timely migration that helps your users to quickly adapt and build proficiency in your new AWS environment.
Customer Success Story
Evolve Media

With only three months to migrate from a collocated data center to AWS, Evolve Media called upon Mission Cloud to plan, support, and execute its migration to AWS. Mission Cloud worked with Evolve Media to successfully migrate 50 applications before the deadline, sparing Evolve from incurring additional data center costs and establishing a more technologically-efficient and cost-effective infrastructure on AWS. Evolve Media also reported saving 20% on infrastructure costs due to its migration to AWS and continues to benefit from its modernized infrastructure.

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Begin Your Cloud Journey With Confidence

A Mission Cloud MRA ensures you fully understand your company’s migration readiness and prepares you to avoid costly risks and delays in the process. Schedule a free consultation call with a Mission Cloud Advisor to find out how to get started with an MRA.

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