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Mission is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with deep know-how in launching and leveraging the power of the cloud. We provide a variety of managed services designed to take additional infrastructure maintenance off your plate so you can focus on growing your core business, including Mission Managed Cloud. Watch the video and read the transcript below to learn more.

Video Transcript:

What is Mission Managed Cloud?

Every business is under constant pressure to get more done in less time: to innovate, and discover the next big thing. That’s hard enough when you have time and space to focus, but when your day is filled with seemingly constant interruptions and firefighting, it’s pretty close to impossible. That’s where Mission’s team of AWS-certified Cloud Ops engineers comes in. They’re ready to take those operational tasks and interruptions off your plate so you and your team can focus on innovating, delighting your customers, and growing your business.

What Does Mission Deliver?

Free your business from the distraction of cloud management, maintenance and monitoring. Focus on your customers instead of your infrastructure and get back to innovating. Mission Managed Cloud provides first-class management of your cloud infrastructure. Our team of AWS-certified professionals will configure your AWS account using best practices, provide 24/7/365 site and instance monitoring, along with support and alert remediation using our extensive library of runbooks and deep experience. We’ll handle operating system updates, patches, maintenance, automated backups and more, so that your team can focus on the business.

What Does Mission Managed Cloud Include?

  • Best practice account management. We’ll configure accounts using proven best practices for security, compliance, networking, and more.

  • Hands-free maintenance: Updates, patches and maintenance are all handled with care by our AWS-certified engineering team.

  • Worry-free managed backups: Automated and on-demand instance and database backups, so you never have to worry about your data.

  • Mission-controlled monitoring and support: Our 24/7/365 Cloud Ops NOC is always watching your environment, at the ready to respond to incidents.


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About the author:
Jonathan LaCour


A cloud industry veteran, Jonathan has held several technical and product leadership positions – most recently at DreamHost, one of the largest web hosting and cloud computing providers. As Chief Technology Officer at Mission, Jonathan guides the development of Mission’s product and platform. He also leads business development initiatives, and shares his expertise on current cloud trends and best practices at industry conferences and Mission events. Jonathan has a BS degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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