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Erin Condren Design Increases Design Flexibility

The Challenge

Erin Condren Design was looking for scalability and reliability when turning to Mission and AWS to host their market-facing, mission-critical e-commerce application. Their existing infrastructure was not highly-available, consisting of multiple single-points of failure. The majority of all their critical services were running on a single, high-resource machine. The largest concern for Erin Condren Design was the ability to scale and perform during seasonal increases of traffic without any downtime or impact to end users.

Their requirements for this new AWS infrastructure included an initial migration from their existing hosting provider, Rackspace. This infrastructure was hosted on a bare metal infrastructure environment. Erin Condren Design also required CDN configuration and deployment, configuration management, high-availability and failover, application optimization, and service decoupling to provide better performance and increased design flexibility.

The Solution

Working with the Erin Condren Design's subject matter experts, Mission architected a solution that outperformed their expectations within AWS and migrated their pre-existing solution seamlessly into AWS. Given the online presence of their products, ensuring continued successful operation of their environment was a key concern. Mission delivered a solution that exceeded Erin Condren Design requirements, and after a successful implementation, Mission continues to manage their entire environment within its Cloud One service.


  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Real-Time Automation of Resources
  • AWS Security Best Practices