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How EV Connect Is Driving Change With Secure Infrastructure on AWS

Executive Summary

EV Connect, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, wanted its platform to continue exceeding federal guidelines for security and best practices. Achieving this would require strict compliance with regulations such as the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 

To address these challenges, Mission Cloud provided solutions, including through Amazon Web Services, that enabled EV Connect to uphold its stringent standards for security and standardization. Mission Cloud also provided continuous 24/7 monitoring support. Because this was a multi-account project, it required a high level of coordination and communication to keep accounts up to date and everyone aligned. 

By working with Mission Cloud, EV Connect will be able to achieve FedRAMP compliance and is one step closer to receiving federal funding, growing its customer base and expanding into new markets.

Background: A Secure, Sustainable Future

EV Connect is a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. The company’s comprehensive software enables charge point operators to scale their charging infrastructure with reliability and visibility. EV Connect’s mission is to build a better planet by enabling the distribution of electricity as a fuel.

Challenge: Unique Charging and Compliance Requirements 

EV Connect's business model revolves around providing services that connect EV charging equipment to a billing platform. While the company doesn’t own the charging equipment, it’s responsible for keeping such equipment secure and compliant with federal regulations. As EV Connect helped people transform how they travel, the company recognized the importance of continuing to meet federal guidelines and exceed security requirements. EV Connect was also seeking federal funding, which requires strict compliance with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

One of the major challenges facing EV Connect was the diversity of charging equipment in the field. The company was working with different equipment makes and models, as well as different owners of the charging stations. The chargers themselves were spread out geographically and required periodic maintenance, which sometimes required on-site assistance. 

Solution: Elevated Security and Support 

Mission Cloud had worked with EV Connect on numerous initiatives, including security enhancement and cost optimization. With advanced experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and security, as well as expertise in container technology, Mission Cloud was well-positioned to help EV Connect uphold its stringent standards for security and compliance.

Mission Cloud collaborated closely with the EV Connect team to help them stay abreast of the latest rules and regulations. This effort involved proactively identifying and addressing areas for improvement using AWS tools and industry best practices. To do this, effective communication and collaboration were critical. EV Connect and Mission Cloud teams held weekly cadence meetings and quarterly sessions for well-architected reviews and road mapping. These sessions allowed everyone to discuss initiatives, goals and challenges while making updates to the road map as needed. 

Key differentiators for Mission Cloud were 24/7 monitoring support and the Elevate engagement model. Mission Cloud provided EV Connect with access to on-demand expert support, which was important because of the critical nature of EV charging infrastructure.

Another important component was Mission Cloud’s powerful set of tools for monitoring. These tools provided real-time visibility into the performance of EV Connect's infrastructure while quickly identifying and resolving issues.

Because this was a multi-account project, Mission Cloud worked within EV Connect to consolidate findings and distribute patching tasks to the target accounts. This effort required a high level of coordination and communication to ensure that all accounts were up to date and compliant.

Results: Audit-Ready AWS Environments

Through the partnership with Mission Cloud, and with the support of the General Services Administration, EV Connect is ready to complete its compliance work for FedRAMP. These achievements helped create the opportunity to receive federal funding and grow the customer base. 

EV Connect continues to work with Mission Cloud as it grows. Mission Cloud brings its customer-obsessed attitude and holds frequent check-ins with a key EV Connect official to ensure strong communication. Mission Cloud continues to support the company’s long-term security posture, enabling EV Connect to focus on strategic initiatives and growth.  

Mission Cloud also continues to support EV Connect’s security initiatives and compliance evaluations, along with ad hoc support via EV Connect’s ticketing system. As EV Connect expands to new markets, it has a dedicated partner in Mission Cloud to lean on for guidance and support.

Quote from Howard Tran, senior director of cloud & DevOps at EV Connect: 

“The Mission Cloud team has been very supportive and has provided a lot of value to our team. Their agility in responding to urgent requests has been particularly beneficial, allowing us to maintain our nimble and responsive approach. Overall, I would highly recommend Mission.”