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Lexbe Assesses AWS Health with Mission Cloud Score

Executive Summary

Utilizing Mission Cloud Score, the company was able to gain a comprehensive overview of its AWS environment's health, benchmarked against AWS best practices. This case study highlights the value of Mission Cloud Score in enabling Lexbe to identify and prioritize areas for improvement, leading to enhanced performance, security, and cost optimization.

Lexbe Assesses AWS Health with Mission Cloud Score


Lexbe processes large volumes of documents and manages a complex AWS environment, encompassing multiple accounts and services. To augment its AWS expertise, Lexbe needed focused insights into its accounts and wanted to maintain optimal performance and security while identifying issues that required attention or improvement. To plan and triage this common operational work, Lexbe needed a better gauge of the health of its AWS environment.


As a Mission Cloud One managed services customer, Lexbe used Cloud Score to perform targeted analysis based on five well-architected pillars: Operations, Security, Reliability, Performance, and Cost Optimization. “The Cloud Score functionality from Mission Cloud gives us a single pane of glass dashboard for checking performance across all of our AWS accounts. It’s an easy way to see what we should be focusing on next.”

Together with Mission Cloud Analysts, Lexbe took advantage of the detailed results to identify impacted AWS resources and the easy export of findings for record keeping and further analysis. By integrating AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Security Hub, and AWS Compute Optimizer checks, Cloud Score gave Lexbe reliable and trusted sources to benchmark with and cross reference.


Mission Cloud Score has helped Lexbe to proactively and more frequently optimize its AWS environment with straightforward reporting to give directly to Mission’s CloudOps Support team. This has helped Lexbe to more rapidly track and respond to maintenance tasks and avoid environmental drift. “Cloud Score makes it easy to identify what AWS checks need action taken, when compared to Trusted Advisor,” said Karsten Weber, Chief Technology Officer at Lexbe. “We are able to track our Cloud Score changes over time and we make it a priority to always have a score of Highly Optimized.” 

The implementation of Mission Cloud Score led to several notable outcomes for the company:

  • Strategic Decision Making: Lexbe now has a clear view of its environment's health, facilitating informed decision-making and surfacing immediate insights. 
  • Stakeholder Confidence: Cloud Score results are regularly circulated to key stakeholders and used to build a shared understanding of opportunities and inform its priorities. 
  • Cost-Saving Opportunities: Areas of overspending and right-sizing opportunities were highlighted, allowing the company to invest more efficiently in its AWS services.

“Mission Cloud has become a mission critical part of Lexbe’s technology stack. From monitoring security to keeping costs in check to quickly and reliably making complex infrastructure modifications, we trust Mission Cloud and look forward to our continued partnership.” - Karsten Weber, Co-Founder & CTO


AWS Services Used

During the engagement with Mission Cloud, Lexbe leveraged a variety of AWS services, including: 

  • AWS Trusted Advisor
  • AWS Security Hub
  • AWS Compute Optimizer
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon ECS
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon S3
  • AWS Cloud Trail

About the Customer

Lexbe is a leading provider of cloud-based eDiscovery software and services, primarily catering to document-intensive cases in the legal market. Lexbe's solutions are designed to help legal teams handle document discovery efficiently.