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Mission Cloud One

Let us run your cloud so you can run your business

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One Solution for All Your Cloud Needs

Mission Cloud One is your comprehensive solution for cloud operations, cost optimization and security for your AWS environment. By combining support, operations, strategy, guidance, and security, we run your cloud so you can run your business.

Mission Cloud One covers all the strategic needs for managing an AWS environment

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Continuous cost optimization, to keep your architecture efficient

24/7 monitoring, incident response, and proactive support with AWS Enterprise-level SLAs, including an industry-leading SOC and compliance expertise, to keep your architecture secure, compliant, and fault-tolerant

Proactive system maintenance, including OS updates, patches, backups, resource management, and provisioning, to keep your architecture up to date, reliable, and free from vulnerabilities

Continuous guidance with foundational best practices for performance, operations, security, and governance, to keep your architecture well-architected

Your Team of Cloud Experts

Get guidance, planning, and proactive 24/7 support to help you grow efficiently and overcome challenges as they arise.

  • During regular cadence reviews with your team of Cloud Analysts, you’ll get expert FinOps support and guidance for cost optimization and financial engineering.
  • During regular cadence reviews with your team of Cloud Analysts, you’ll get expert InfraOps support and guidance on performance, architecture, and best practices.
  • 24/7 managed detection and response from certified SOC analysts at CrowdStrike
  • A follow-the-sun proactive support team, for common AWS tasks, troubleshooting, and incident management
Mission Cloud One
General guidance


< 24 hrs < 8 hrs
System impaired
< 12 hrs < 2 hrs
Production system impaired
< 4 hrs < 30 min
Production system down
< 1 hr 15 min
Business-critical system down 15 min 15 min

24/7 Monitoring and Incident Response

We use CrowdStrike Falcon Complete in combination with New Relic One to conduct around-the-clock monitoring for security and infrastructure incidents. Once your environment is instrumented, our CloudOps team will continuously monitor it while handling patching and backups to ensure your systems are resilient, up-to-date, and not exposed to known vulnerabilities.

When incidents occur, the CloudOps engineering team will be notified and respond based on runbooks you've co-developed to match your preferences and business needs. They diagnose issues, perform root cause analysis, and institute mitigations where appropriate. They also conduct trend analysis and notify you along with the Cloud Analyst team when recurring issues are identified, so you can formulate a plan of action to address them.

How We Secure Your Cloud

CrowdStrike Falcon Complete monitors your environment through a combination of agent-based and agentless capabilities using AWS Lambda. And as part of our instrumentation of your environment, you'll get reporting on compliance obligations for the 10 most common compliance frameworks – PCI, CIS, GDPR, Hi-Trust, SOC2, FedRamp, ISO, NIST, HIPAA, CISA.

In addition to these capabilities, you get:

24/7 Managed Detection & Response
from certified SOC analysts

Unified Compliance Reporting
with drill-down support for auditing

Comprehensive Container Security
including workload and runtime protection

Application Layer Security
(via Endpoint Detection)

Attack Path Visualization
with consolidated real-time data

Agentless Snapshot Scanning
for serverless resources

Continuous Threat Hunting
with a detection engine

IT Hygiene &
Topography Mapping

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

The complexities of hardening an AWS environment can be overwhelming—that’s why our CloudOps team handles the configuration and tuning of your alerts,  ensuring you're not inundated with unclear or noisy alerting, but that critical incidents are caught early, contained accurately, and responded to rapidly.

Cost Optimization Tooling and Expertise

With CloudHealth and Mission Control, our cloud services platform, our team of experts will help you audit, predict, and comprehensively understand your spending, then give you the guidance you need to manage your costs proactively and improve your cost trajectory.

Customers who follow our recommendations and guidance save an average of 12.2% on their AWS bill after 3 months with Mission Cloud One.


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Success Story

"Mission has been an incredible partner, so much so that they've become very much an extension of our own IT team."

CTO, Boston Celtics





The Boston Celtics recognized that a growing tech footprint from on-prem servers would lead to future management challenges and sought to simplify access to data for a dispersed user base.


Mission led a successful AWS Cloud migration and implementation and has since continued to optimize the team’s AWS environment. Additionally, Mission’s AWS experts provided the Celtics with Managed DevOps, cloud management, 24/7 cloud monitoring, and ongoing AWS best practices around consulting and implementation.


  • Reduced cost of Microsoft Workloads modernization and AWS-native services adoption by 25%
  • Curtailed growth of physical IT footprint
  • Optimized AWS environemnt to be more robust, secure, and reliable
  • Accelerated stat processing by 71%, from 14 hours to 4 hours

All Your Cloud Needs, Handled in One Place

There are many difficulties to managing an AWS environment as you scale and taking critical time away from business delivery to focus on infrastructure often isn’t an option. With Mission Cloud One, we handle the most common blockers to operating, supporting, and hardening your environment while guiding you on the strategic dimensions of cost, performance, and reliability in accordance with AWS’s best practices and the well-architected framework.