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Mission Launches Cloud Foundation to Set a Higher Standard for AWS Cost Optimization and Governance

LOS ANGELES, March 3, 2020 – Mission, a managed services provider and Premier Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), today announced the availability of Mission Cloud Foundation, a new cloud management service combining Mission’s certified AWS experts, cloud optimization tools, and proven methodologies to deliver businesses greater visibility and control over the AWS environments they manage today. Mission Cloud Foundation is a no-cost, value-added service that augments a customer’s AWS environment by simplifying cost management and billing, improving governance, and broadening support for different cloud initiatives.

Businesses harnessing the many benefits of AWS must also navigate the equally massive scope and complexity of the AWS ecosystem as they continue to evaluate, select, launch, and maintain the best cloud services for their specific business and technical needs. Those lacking in mature cloud governance practices or who do not take a deliberate approach to the architecture and maintenance of their AWS environment are particularly prone to cloud sprawl, security risks, and higher costs that go well beyond initial estimates.

Mission Cloud Foundation is purpose-built to alleviate these challenges. Every Cloud Foundation customer will get access to a designated Mission Cloud Analyst who provides regular account reviews, trusted advice on key decisions, and guidance on implementing best practices.

In addition, Mission Cloud Foundation includes access to CloudHealth – the industry-leading Cloud Management Platform (CMP). Leveraging the capabilities of both CloudHealth and Mission’s Cloud Analysts, Mission Cloud Foundation provides better visibility into AWS usage and spend, as well as comprehensive reporting and alerting. 

Other Mission Cloud Foundation features and benefits include:

  • Cost optimization support: Mission continuously monitors AWS usage and costs, and provides ongoing recommendations for greater savings and cost containment. This includes identifying unused resources and rightsizing candidates, setting up budget alerts, and recommending better pricing models such as Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans for specific workloads.
  • Best practice monitoring: Mission monitors customers’ AWS environments and delivers regular best practice recommendations to keep resources optimally provisioned and secure. Mission implements best practice policies from the start of the engagement to put clear guardrails in place for healthier cloud consumption. Standard recommendations include MFA on Root Account, inactive IAM users, and over-provisioned resources. 
  • Proactive cloud governance: Using automated policy statements and scorecards, Mission enables budget enforcement, standardized operations, and security checks tailored to an organization’s specific operational and compliance needs. 
  • Cloud billing and reporting: Mission increases billing and reporting flexibility to improve visibility and alignment between AWS and an organization’s business processes. Under Cloud Foundation, Mission can reallocate charges, reference purchase order numbers, and set up automated custom reports. Mission resources are also on hand to clarify usage and charges for full and transparent cost attribution and understanding.

“In consulting with AWS customers, many of them express the need to get a handle on cloud sprawl and runaway costs but don’t have the visibility or resources they need to bring their environment under control,” said Alex Beal, Director of Product, Mission. “As a result, customers are often forced into the mode of putting out fires or not solving the problem at all. We’re proud to introduce this new service today, and to make it a no-cost, value-added offering that’s part of our standard AWS resale program. Mission is ready to assist businesses across industries in improving cost management, achieving both quick optimization wins and long-term governance, and empowering confidence as businesses scale their AWS environments.”

You can connect with Mission to learn more about Mission Cloud Foundation and Mission’s AWS resale program here:

About Mission

Mission is a trusted managed services provider and Premier Consulting Partner for businesses using – or migrating to – Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through its dedicated team of expert cloud operations professionals and solutions architects, Mission delivers a unique breadth and depth of AWS-recognized technical and strategic proficiencies. Mission combines this know-how with an anything-is-possible belief in the power of cloud transformation through AWS, and a dedication to understanding and solving customers’ individual goals and challenges – enabling their development of new and powerful applications running on AWS. Follow Mission on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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