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Mission Launches its Most Comprehensive AWS Managed Cloud Service with Mission Cloud One

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – October 27, 2020 – Mission, a managed cloud services provider and Premier Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), has launched Mission Cloud One – its most comprehensive and cost-efficient AWS managed cloud service that encompasses everything businesses need to ensure their AWS environment is fully and continually supported, optimized and managed. The Mission Cloud One service is delivered by Mission’s AWS-certified CloudOps engineers and analysts, who bring deep expertise and best practices to managing all aspects of a business's AWS Cloud.

The ongoing responsibilities and knowledge required to properly operate and maintain AWS – let alone optimize for cost and performance – is a drain on many businesses’ already-limited technical resources. This puts a constant drag on the pace of core product innovation and routinely stalls business growth initiatives at startups, SMBs, and enterprises alike. In addition to bandwidth, many businesses also continue to struggle with knowledge gaps around how to most effectively tune and re-tune their AWS environments across critical cost and performance metrics. For those who do seek support from a partner, most managed AWS services are delivered piecemeal; this adds to often-unpredictable costs, and services prove inflexible as organizations’ cloud needs evolve.

Mission Cloud One introduces a new managed service designed to be as comprehensive and elastic as AWS itself – and a one-stop-shop for all AWS operations. Mission Cloud One unburdens customers from their daily AWS management responsibilities, with experienced CloudOps engineers that continuously monitor and optimize AWS environments. Far from a set-it-and-forget-it service, Mission Cloud One delivers proactive around-the-clock cloud coverage, with Mission experts serving as both trusted advisors and an extension of customers’ internal teams.

Mission Cloud One is built to provide ongoing peace of mind, a reduced operational burden, an optimized AWS environment and, for many customers, access to a team of CloudOps engineers for less than the cost of a single full-time employee. As a hands-on partner, Mission not only identifies and proactively recommends opportunities for usage and cost optimization across AWS services, but also puts them into action on customers’ behalf. Mission Cloud One customers can focus on accelerating and differentiating their businesses with complete confidence that their AWS environment is in expert hands.

Among the features and benefits of Mission Cloud One:

  • Complete cloud and cost optimization. AWS environments are continually reviewed to improve performance, increase alignment with AWS best practices, and optimize usage for superior cost efficiencies.  
  • AWS support. Mission’s partner-led AWS support replaces the need for customers to subscribe to AWS Business or Enterprise Support. AWS support is delivered 24x7x365 by Mission’s team of 100% AWS-certified CloudOps engineers and analysts. 
  • Best-in-class tooling. Mission Cloud One integrates the industry’s top enterprise-grade cloud monitoring technologies such as New Relic One and CloudHealth to provide even deeper visibility into AWS usage, performance, and spend to unlock more opportunities for optimization.
  • Proactive infrastructure operations. Mission Cloud One provides day-to-day management of mission-critical AWS infrastructure – including best practices such as patching and backup activities – performed by an AWS-certified team. 
  • On-demand provisioning requests. Mission offers up to ten hours of AWS provisioning requests every month for commonly-provisioned infrastructure to extend the benefits of running in AWS. These requests go above and beyond the already-included day-to-day-management activities that Mission Cloud One provides.
  • Real-time monitoring. Around-the-clock monitoring and alert response for AWS services, websites, and servers is included – and with average response times under five minutes. 
  • Enhanced monitoring for serverless and containers. Mission Cloud One adds auto-instrument monitoring and observability for serverless functions – including logs, metrics, and traces – without requiring code changes. For container monitoring, Mission Cloud One’s cluster explorer provides a complete picture of a cluster by visualizing nodes and pods according to their health and performance. Mission’s CloudOps engineers help configure customized visualizations and alerting conditions, and will monitor and analyze these web services to help customers quickly pinpoint any potential issues. 
  • Regular account reviews. A cadence of regularly-scheduled account reviews analyzes key performance metrics – including operational activities and support tickets.

"With Mission's CloudOps experts managing our AWS environment, our cloud performance and costs are continually optimized, freeing our internal team to focus on other business-critical projects,” said Clay Kibbons, IT Department Manager, Smitty’s Supply Inc., a lubricants manufacturer and distributor. “Mission's close working relationship and continuous engagement model continues to be second-to-none."  

“Mission Cloud One is a unique solution for businesses across industries who want to reduce their AWS spend while also freeing up their engineers and developers to focus on high-impact projects – not ongoing cloud management,” said Alex Beal, Director of Product, Mission. “Importantly, we’ve also structured Mission Cloud One pricing to make it cost-efficient versus going it alone. With Mission Cloud One, you handle your business, we’ll handle your AWS infrastructure – it’s what we live and breathe every day at Mission.”

“Mission Cloud One is really the natural evolution of our managed cloud services mindset at Mission – to provide high-touch and proactive AWS expertise and support that functions as an extension of our customers’ own teams and capabilities,” said Evelyn Ngo, Director of Cloud Operations, Mission. “With Mission Cloud One, our customers gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing our AWS-certified CloudOps Engineers are constantly monitoring all aspects of their AWS environments and continuously seeking out – and acting on – opportunities that will optimize their cloud infrastructure even further.”

Mission Cloud One is available at For more details on Mission Cloud One, visit

About Mission

Mission is a trusted managed cloud services provider and Premier Consulting Partner for businesses using – or migrating to – Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through its dedicated team of expert cloud operations professionals and solutions architects, Mission delivers a unique breadth and depth of AWS-recognized technical and strategic proficiencies. Mission combines this know-how with an anything-is-possible belief in the power of cloud transformation through AWS, and a dedication to understanding and solving customers’ individual goals and challenges – enabling their development of new and powerful applications running on AWS. Follow Mission on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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