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AWS Cloud Governance

Keep your environment, secure, optimized, and well-managed


Reduce Your Risks and Increase Agility

Good cloud governance is crucial, as it helps you avoid inefficiencies, configuration drift, and security vulnerabilities. You need continuous oversight and an ongoing strategic framework for financial management, security, data, user access, and operations. 

Reduce your business risk and compartmentalize your operations by partnering with Mission Cloud. We help carry the weight of managing your cloud operations, help you to design policies to ensure best practices, and enable your teams to innovate faster and drive value for your business.


Define Governance Rules for Continuous Improvement

Ensure your systems and spend align with your business objectives and foundational best practices by partnering with Mission Cloud to continuously monitor your resources and proactively recommend improvements for your environment. We can help define policies and implement them in the following areas.

Budget and Cost Management

Approach your cloud environment for cost optimization as a regular, ongoing process of refinement and improvement. Define governance procedures for cost optimization, ensuring that your environment stays aligned with your business goals over time.

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Data Governance

Develop rules governing data access and use to best control your data environment and unlock its full potential. When you work with us, you can trust that your environment and your data are in good hands. Mission Cloud has achieved AWS Data and Analytics Competency status by demonstrating success in helping customers evaluate and use AWS tools and best practices for collecting, storing, governing and analyzing data at scale.


Security, Risk and Compliance

Follow security governance recommendations for your environment in alignment with AWS security best practices. Ensure networks, access controls, and encryption standards are followed and allow your team to focus on innovating and growing your business without worrying about contingencies.


Improve Control, Oversight, and Operations

Our certified AWS experts help you simplify and streamline your cloud operations to help you reduce risk and maximize results.
  • Capture Transparency of Your Cloud Spend and Resources.

    Aligning your cloud environment with AWS best practices and governance procedures goes together with optimizing cost for spend in AWS. 

    By partnering with Mission Cloud, you gain a combination of AWS-certified experts, tools and proven methods to optimize costs and enhance governance in your AWS cloud. We help you identify and place controls around your spend to catch unanticipated surges before they happen. 

    For continuous engagement and monitoring of your AWS environment, we offer Mission Cloud Foundation and Mission Cloud One. With either of these services, your team of cloud analysts leverage tools like CloudHealth by VMware and Mission Control to provide ongoing consultation to increase performance, reduce spending and improve best practice alignment in AWS.

  • Manage the Availability and Integrity of Your Data.

    Data projects are often complex and challenging to execute. Mission Cloud helps you maintain the long-term success of your data initiatives by defining governance procedures for data usage, access, management and monitoring. We ensure your data governance procedures support your near- and long-term goals and meet best practices for regulatory compliance. 

    We take an agile, team-based approach to data, analytics and machine learning. Whether you are building a data structure or fine-tuning your current data infrastructure and operations, we can execute continuous and collaborative engagement specific to your needs.

  • Assess Your Cybersecurity Environment and Processes to Mitigate Business Risks.

    We recommend Mission Cloud One for all your AWS security governance needs. Mission Cloud One is a comprehensive cloud-managed service for AWS operations, optimization, and security. You’ll have access to our AWS-certified experts, backed by Crowdstrike’s security services, infrastructure, and certified SOC analysts to provide you with around-the-clock monitoring, attack detection, and incident response.

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Mission Control

The Cloud Services Platform That’s Purpose Built for AWS

Get the tools to unlock visibility into your cloud environment with Mission Control, paired with our CloudOps, and Cloud Analyst teams to help you act on its insights.

Using CloudHealth by VMware, Cloud Analysts will report on your AWS usage and costs with any parameters you specify. These tools give you greater visibility and control of costs, and we contextualize those suggestions to your specific goals, situations and needs.

“The collaboration with Mission has resulted in tremendous benefits to our bottom line. Mission also goes the whole nine yards to provide end-to-end support and best practice recommendations. With Mission supporting our engineers, our service is more reliable than it's ever been. I wholeheartedly recommend Mission.”

John Kang
Chief Operating Officer at ODK Media

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