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A results-driven framework to streamline your cloud migration & modernization process

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What is AWS MAP?
AWS MAP is a program created to assist organizations in streamlining cloud adoption using AWS services and best practices. AWS MAP assesses current workloads, calculates the financial benefits of adopting AWS, develops AWS expertise, acquires experience by migrating test workloads, and offers financial assistance to help counter risks commonly associated with large migrations.

As an AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) and Migration Competency partner, Mission Cloud has the expertise to successfully migrate you to AWS, unlock financial funding, and mitigate migration risks.

What is AWS MAP

Leverage the power of data analytics & machine learning to elevate your business

How AWS MAP Works

Our team of expert data scientists, data engineers, and data architects can help you make the promise of data-driven business intelligence a reality.

Step 1: Assess Your Readiness
The migration readiness assessment step helps you identify gaps along the six dimensions of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF): business, process, people, platform, operations, and security. This assessment enables you to identify the capabilities required in the migration and build a total cost of ownership (TCO) model for your migration project.
Step 2: Mobilize Your Resources
The mobilization step assists in laying a solid operational groundwork for your migration while addressing any capability gaps discovered during the assessment stage. The mobilization stage in AWS MAP helps you make better migration decisions by offering guidance on planning a successful migration.
Step 3: Migrate & Modernize
In this last stage of the process, our AWS-certified Cloud Solutions Architects execute your large-scale migration plan by moving your workloads to AWS and work with you in modernizing and optimizing your new AWS cloud environment.

Benefits of AWS MAP with Mission Cloud

Partner with Mission Cloud for migration success

Tap Into Funding Programs
AWS MAP offers funding to help offset your initial cost of migrating and provides additional business incentives to help you get started with AWS. Mission Cloud helps you take full advantage of MAP funding and incentives for all your migration and modernization initiatives.
AWS Migration Expertise
As an AWS MAP and Migration Competency Partner, Mission Cloud provides you with the practiced know-how and capabilities required to help you successfully migrate to AWS.
AWS-Certified Cloud Professionals & MAP Ambassadors
Having been trained as AWS MAP Ambassadors, our certified Architects, Engineers, and Consultants possess an expansive depth of AWS migration expertise and cloud experience to streamline and successfully conduct your next large-scale migration project.
Customer success story


Examity turned to Mission Cloud for a way to handle spikes in workload demand on its learning validation platform. The company needed to increase the scalability, availability, and security within its cloud environment. When the Covid pandemic prompted both higher-education and professional customers to move more test takers into a remote environment, the company’s need to achieve its cloud requirements escalated. At this stage, Examity determined AWS would serve as a better cloud provider. Examity then turned to Mission Cloud to lead the migration effort. Mission Cloud advised Examity to leverage the AWS MAP program to accelerate the project while reducing costs.
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