How an AWS EDP Can Deliver Value Throughout Your Cloud Journey

The AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) offers enterprise cloud users an appreciable, flat discount on AWS users fees. This is offered in exchange for a long-term commitment from the customer, typically ranging anywhere from one to five years.

For most enterprise organizations moving to or operating in the cloud, this is an attractive savings plan. True cloud transformations -- wherein an organization derives the full value of their cloud through strategic optimization, architecture, and development -- take time, creating significant financial upside. 

Frequently overlooked, however, are the benefits of working with a cloud services provider to better calibrate an EDP program to a user’s specific priorities, needs, and constraints. Here’s several ways Mission helps its EDP clients save money, optimize for future spend, and implement strong governance practices that continue to improve value over time. 

Less Spend, More Value 

As a long-time collaborator with AWS and recognized Premier Consulting Partner, Mission is able to bring its deep, wide, and proven knowledge to negotiations. We act as allies and advocates for our enterprise customers, tapping our relationship with AWS and first-hand experience on thousands of successful projects, large and small. The end goal is simple: lower your total technology spend by finding the best plan for your business, then empowering you to succeed on that plan. 

Here’s how we do it. First, we assess your short- and long-term use cases to determine the resources, platforms, tools, and other parameters you need to achieve your goals. Then, we work with AWS to find a matching service plan at the best price possible, negotiating on short renewal cycles (every one to three years) to continually refine your engagement and lower expenses.

Once a plan is determined, we first work with our customers to optimize their spend. After we've optimized for spend, then we work on the exact EDP details and commitment. Mission EDP customers automatically receive our Mission Cloud Foundation service, which includes access to an experienced Cloud Analyst project lead and powerful, cloud-native tools (such as CloudHealth). Together, these assets increase spend and usage visibility, drive cost optimization, and facilitate improved governance for our enterprise clients. 

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Calibrated Plan Selection

Not all EDP plans are created equal, and many enterprise organizations run the risk of signing on to a discount plan that seems first glance. Truthfully, there are many nuances that go into picking the right plan, including resource utilization, scaling roadmaps, target platforms, and more. Many businesses that are eyeing an EDP contract -- especially organizations that are new to the cloud -- benefit greatly from having a trusted, consultative advisor at this crucial moment. 

Because many enterprise organizations are thinking long-term but require flexibility, we excel at securing the most savings possible for the least commitment possible. We excel at this because of our deep knowledge of how AWS EDP’s work and our relationship with AWS as a Premier Partner.

Competitive Support Pricing

Finally, but importantly, we help our enterprise customers reduce their total cloud spend by offering competitive cloud support pricing. When an enterprise organization signs on for an EDP, they are required by AWS to sign on for AWS Enterprise support. Over the long-term, as your company grows, escalating support costs can eat into the margins captured by your discount. 

By working with Mission, you can mitigate part of this attrition through several mechanisms mentioned previously. First, while negotiating, we factor anticipated near- and long-term support costs, addressing it early to ensure the initial EDP rate reflects realistic assumptions. Additionally, Mission Cloud Foundation’s proactive governance and optimization measures create a stronger foundation for future performance, growth, and success, potentially reducing overall support burdens and needs. Finally, Mission Cloud Care is an EDP-approved support option, which costs significantly less than AWS Enterprise Support.

The Bottom Line

For enterprise organizations considering an EDP for AWS cloud, it is imperative that strategic planning and rigorous due diligence is done prior to signing on the dotted line. As your cloud collaborator, advocate, and ally, Mission is available to help you ensure that you tune your technology spend for success, both tomorrow and into the future. Reach out to the team at Mission to find out how we can help you with an EDP.

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