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Faena Optimizes Performance For Legacy Site

The Challenge

Faena Group was an existing AWS customer who was dealing with significant issues with their legacy sites. Given that their main commerce site which handled all booking revenue for their hotel group was performing poorly and often encountered outages, it was imperative for Faena to find an AWS partner who could not only correct their issues but also provide experienced architectures that ensured consistent performance, security and reliability on AWS.

Their requirements included the creation of a new well-architected AWS infrastructure that included the creation of a brand new, highly available, auto-scaled WordPress site that automatically reacts to traffic changes and self-heals from Infrastructure failures along with enterprise-level AWS Internet Application Management (IAM) services. These requirements also included initial infrastructure setup, migration from existing EC2 instances, ongoing infrastructure management and updates, configuration management for all applications, recurring patching and application updates, high availability and failover, 24/7 support with application and infrastructure monitoring, and web application and cost optimization overall.

The Solution

As this critical implementation was a redeployment into AWS, Mission was keenly aware that with this redeployment brought a significant increase in resources and complexity versus what was utilized in the legacy environment. The Faena Group was initially concerned about the increase in the size of infrastructure, complexity of their web application and amount of resources across services. This ultimately posed a new challenge with managing and securing resources-at-scale. Mission met this challenge head-on by utilizing best practices in governance and risk management provided by AWS features and services and clearly communicating everyone’s role in a shared responsibility environment.


  • AWS Security Best Practices
  • Legacy Site Performance Optimization
  • Major Performance Issues Resolved