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Gaining a Holistic View into AWS Health with Mission Cloud Score

Executive Summary

Ignite Sales leveraged Mission Cloud Score to increase its visibility into the health and performance of its AWS environment. By consolidating insights from AWS Trusted Advisor, Security Hub, and Compute Optimizer into an easy-to-understand scorecard, Mission Cloud Score enabled Ignite Sales to benchmark against AWS best practices and, by consulting with Mission Cloud Analysts, develop a list of initiatives to prioritize for improvement. Together these have enhanced Ignite Sales’ security, cost optimization, and overall operational efficiency.

Gaining a Holistic View into AWS Health with Mission Cloud Score


As a growing fintech platform running business-critical applications on AWS, Ignite Sales needed deeper insights to maintain optimal performance across its infrastructure. While the company had used Trusted Advisor checks in the past, these insights tended to be siloed, making it difficult to prioritize initiatives and measure progress over time. To augment its internal AWS expertise, Ignite Sales adopted Mission Cloud Score to introduce benchmarking capabilities and facilitate data-driven decision-making.


With Mission Cloud Score, Ignite Sales gained a single pane of glass view into its AWS environment, with key metrics aggregated across the well-architected pillars. Bob Pittman, CIO of Ignite Sales, said this changed the company’s approach to optimization: "The number one key is – we are focusing on the right things, but also identifying what we should focus on next."

Working closely with Mission Cloud’s team of AWS experts, Ignite Sales leveraged the detailed Cloud Score results to create a strategic roadmap, tackling quick wins while planning larger AWS optimization initiatives. The progress tracking and historical views proved especially valuable, as Bob added: "I really do find that longer period view over the last year to show how we've moved the bar...that's very effective."


The implementation of Mission Cloud Score led to several key outcomes:

  • Strategic Roadmapping: Cloud Score insights directly inform Ignite Sales' AWS strategy and initiative backlog.
  • Security Enhancements: By identifying opportunities and tracking remediation progress, Mission Cloud Score helps Ignite Sales maintain and strengthen its cloud security posture.
  • Executive Reporting: Cloud Score metrics are shared across Ignite Sales' leadership team to demonstrate progress in AWS optimization.
  • Cost Savings: Overspending and right-sizing opportunities highlighted by Cloud Score allowed Ignite Sales to optimize its AWS spend.

AWS Services Used

During this engagement, Ignite Sales leveraged Mission Cloud Score insights across services, including:

  • AWS Trusted Advisor
  • AWS Security Hub
  • AWS Compute Optimizer
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon VPC
  • Elastic Load Balancing

About Ignite Sales

Ignite Sales is a leading finance platform designed to accelerate revenue growth for B2B companies. Its solutions simplify financial operations to help businesses sell faster. Ignite Sales transforms static, inconsistent sales processes in banks and credit unions into dynamic, highly effective moments of customer sales engagement in all channels for all lines of business. The Ignite enterprise platform provides the ability to develop digital guided conversations to discover the needs of customers and guide them to the appropriate products.