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Mission Launches Mission Cloud Elevate to Revolutionize How Businesses Can Scale Engineering Resources and Accelerate Their Cloud Goals on AWS

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – June 29, 2021 – Mission, a managed cloud services provider and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner, today announced the launch of Mission Cloud Elevate. The new service is designed to flexibly and cost-effectively scale customers’ engineering resources through a designated pod of highly collaborative and hands-on AWS experts that adapt to organizations’ ever-evolving cloud requirements and initiatives. Mission Cloud Elevate is built on agile delivery methodologies providing the blueprint for continuous innovation.

Unlocking AWS’ transformative potential for innovation and competitive differentiation requires expertise and focus. Many organizations are not equipped to efficiently and effectively execute cloud initiatives internally – or at least not without adding high-salaried (and hard to find) in-house talent. At the same time, businesses’ cloud goals continually change, as do the capabilities and availability of cloud technologies themselves. An inaccurate understanding of ongoing cloud initiatives leads to longer-than-necessary project timelines, inefficient performance, and unnecessary cloud cost overruns. 

Mission Cloud Elevate solves these challenges with a pod-based agile service delivery model providing direct access to Mission cloud solutions architects and DevOps engineers who provide focused guidance, design, and implementation support to help organizations evolve their cloud environment and achieve specific business outcomes. This unique model is structured to deliver scalability and resilience, ensuring that a diversity of AWS skillsets and resources are readily available and added to customer teams whenever a need arises – whether planned or not. Mission Cloud Elevate expands on the benefits of Mission’s existing AWS consulting and managed cloud services. Customers should consider Mission Cloud Elevate as a white-glove service that offers trusted, flexible, and cost-efficient access to the expert AWS engineering resources required for ongoing cloud strategy and execution.

Mission Cloud Elevate pods are made up of a team of Cloud Solutions Architects (CSAs) and DevOps Engineers (DOEs). These advanced, high-impact cloud professionals provide guidance, design, and implementation support to evolve customers’ cloud environments to achieve specific business outcomes. Each pod provides a lead CSA and named DOEs as primary resources; customers will develop close relationships with their designated pod team members and can think of them as an extension to their own teams. Through continuous engagement and delivery, customers work closely with their lead CSA to establish a set of initiatives and outcomes to focus on and execute work toward those goals agilely and iteratively. The entire pod maintains a close affinity and familiarity with the customer’s environment, and snaps into action whenever extra personnel resources or specific expertise is needed. For customers, Mission Cloud Elevate’s flexible and cost-effective pod model maximizes time and budget value for engineering resources, while ensuring they can accurately target and fulfill key business priorities. 


“Mission Cloud Elevate is a breakthrough in enabling cloud modernization and automation for our customers,” said Jaret Chiles, Vice President, Consulting Services at Mission. “That extends beyond excellent service. It is a culmination of what we’ve been building at Mission, tying services together into a fully comprehensive package to enable ongoing transformation through AWS. Customers committed to ongoing cloud modernization can now leverage the ‘power of the pod’ to roadmap their ongoing cloud goals. They can seamlessly tap the engineers with the right skillset for the job at hand from across the pod to make modernization efforts a reality, not a headache. For those businesses pursuing the substantial competitive advantages that come with continuous change in the cloud, Mission Cloud Elevate delivers the people, processes, and expertise required to meaningfully elevate their results, over and over again. And we do this iteratively, without requiring the extensive upfront project planning common with traditional project-based engagement models.”

“The pod structure of Mission Cloud Elevate combined with its highly-calibrated agile process model is a game changer that ensures a customer always has the cloud engineering team ready to execute work items thoroughly and efficiently,” said Alex Beal, Director of Product at Mission. “This agile engineering distribution model is built to optimize workflows, get tasks done, and accelerate outcomes as quickly as possible. Where customers have ad hoc requests or projects outside the areas of expertise of their named resources, the pod allows customers to tap into a bench with the AWS expertise and skills the work calls for. With Mission Cloud Elevate, businesses are adding a comprehensive roster of AWS experts to their own internal teams, and doing it for significantly less than hiring similar skillsets internally.”

“Beyond the ability to attract and develop this talent at Mission, we are also able to harness our close partnership with AWS and build this into our standard delivery models,” said Shannon Smith, Consulting Director, Mission Cloud Elevate. “The deep relationship as an AWS Premier Partner enables us to provide even more value back to both our employees and customers. Mission’s cloud consultants and engineers are able to provide our customers with working knowledge of the latest trends and newest technologies. One of Mission’s core values is a growth mindset in everything we do, where we constantly seek out new ideas and ways to be better, do better, and serve our customers better. When we grow as individuals, our customers and the Mission team around us grow as well. We have ingrained this growth concept deep within the foundation of Mission Cloud Elevate.”


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Mission accelerates enterprise cloud transformation by delivering a differentiated suite of agile cloud services and consulting. As an AWS Premier Partner, Mission’s always-on services enable businesses to scale and outpace competitors by leveraging the most transformative technology platform and enterprise software ecosystem in history.

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